Thursday, June 30, 2016

Obama, Trudeau and Nieto attempt awkward three-way handshake

Link to video

Theodore Roosevelt in WY 1910
Happy National Handshake Day


ndspinelli said...

It was really a circle jerk.

edutcher said...

nd, you read my mind.

Don't know much about Nieto, but the other two probably should have kissed each other on the cheek.

ricpic said...

Teddy: I've got the iron horse, Tonto.

Injun: I've got the comfortable clothes, paleface.

ndspinelli said...

ed, Trudeau is a bumbling, pretty boy, bully, buffoon. He's on camera pushing and elbowing[really elbowing, not like Lewandoski] a conservative female member of Parliament on the floor of Parliament. The instant bromance between Trudeau and Obama does add to your homo assertions for Obama. Nieto is just another elitist Mexican corrupt leader.

Methadras said...

They might as well have raised each others limp wristed arms in the air instead. Would have at least been more definitive at how gay each on of these cockbaskets look trying to have a 'display' of unity. *wretch*