Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Elizabeth Warren.

educator said in comments:
PS I note Cacklepants is test-flying Fauxcahontas with a new slogan - Stronger Together - so she isn't Fighting For Us anymore.  
 I sense it means 2 things - she found out she wasn't "woman" enough for the woman's vote and she expects to go down - either for physical or legal reasons - possibly before the convention.
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And so on. 

Trump has a lot to say about Elizabeth Warren. She's right he'll knock us into the dirt. She's right about quit a lot. Us being her and her dreams of a ... whatever it is she dreams about, Trump will crush those dreams into the dirt. And not just regular Massachusetts dirt; reservation dirt. 

Here is what is puzzling about Trump's attacks on Elizabeth Warren so far. In my view, Trump has not latched onto the element that is most offensive to conservatives because he isn't thinking as conservative here. So far Trump has lodged mere adolescent ad hominem where Elizabeth Warren's offense is in taking the spot for academic inclusion intended for and marked out for genuine American native people who grew up under hardship presumably but not necessarily on a reservation, and definitely not intended for a white person with mere traces of native genetic makeup and with no such hardship in their experience. She took a real native's place. 

The left forgives her for all of that, their ingrained racism set aside momentarily because Elizabeth Warren makes such a splendid attack animal. That's pretty much all that we hear from her. They like that and it's why Elizabeth Warren exists instead of being crushed by the same political correctness that crushes everything else. 

Let's open the Google video tab for [elizabeth warren, hillary clinton] and see them onstage together in live action.

Apologies. I got the code mixed up again. 


ndspinelli said...

On some issues Warren is much closer to Trump that Hillary. The shots I would take are that Warren is selling her soul to get the VP pick. I know, I know, Trump knows what he's doing. People come to him, people listen to him, not vice versa. But, Warren is being tried out to get Bernie people. Hammer to those voters that Warren is bending over and eating Clinton shit. I doubt Warren gets the nod.

Methadras said...

Someone play that Charlie Rose video of Warren talking about the duplicity of Hillary on some bill if she gets the VP nod over and over and over again. No two greater pieces of phony shit could have teamed up this way. It just makes my stance on the 19th amendment that much more unbearable.

edutcher said...

The issue is, why make Fauxcahontas the VP designate (if, to give a nod to nd, she isn't)? I mean, isn't that why Lewandowski was let go, he wanted to tell who the running mate is now, rather than wait?

She may not have it in writing, but, when you create a whole new campaign, it certainly seems like it.

Seems like somebody's taking out some insurance.


windbag said...

Will they play Paul Revere and the Raiders when she takes the stage to accept the VP nomination?

William said...

She would be excellent impeachment insurance for Hillary. No sane person would vote to remove Hillary and replace her with Warren. Not just in theoretical terms but in actual, real world impact, Warren demonstrates that it's possible to be more annoying than Hillary. Many people doubted that such a construct could exist within the parameters of reality, but Warren is its embodiment.

ampersand said...

Has Bubba hit on her yet?

ndspinelli said...

We know he's hit on her. The question is has he tapped that yet?

edutcher said...

William said...

She would be excellent impeachment insurance for Hillary. No sane person would vote to remove Hillary and replace her with Warren.


She's just a younger hag. No different, otherwise.