Friday, September 14, 2018

Joe diGenova: Walls closing in on Obama DOJ officials

This video is a keeper. A lot of great quotes, such as this one about James Comey, by Joe diGenova, former US attorney for the District of Columbia:

"He's going down. The dirty cop is gonna go down."


edutcher said...

Looks that way. The Demos need to take the House (doubtful, I think) and stop Trump's SCUS picks (forget it).

Manafort has copped a plea in exchange for cooperation, but that means there's a there there (and we know the answer to that).

Yeah, just about the whole swamp better lawyer up. I think they messed with the wrong God Emperor.

AllenS said...

Oh, do I hope.

deborah said...

I feel schadenfreude-y all over.

Amartel said...

Yah, I’ve been saying Comey’s the fall guy. No one likes him enough to bother saving him. His use as a talking point is nearly expired.

deborah said...

The big lug. First he muffs up the election for Hillary with the October surprise, 11 frigging days before the election, and then Trump bluffs his way into getting Comey to admit he had leaked memos to the press in order to have a special counsel assigned.