Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What's the worst that could happen?

"A pair of super-rich American technology gurus are planning to undergo surgery to install experimental implants directly into their brain.
The two men are currently trying to find a doctor willing to perform this untested and highly risky procedure, The Mirror has learned.
If they survive the operation, the men hope to be able to directly communicate with the primitive forms of artificial intelligence currently being developed in labs across the world.
But critics and conspiracy theorists fear these pioneering implants are the first step towards creating a society where every human is plugged into "the matrix"..."


edutcher said...

Venkman: Egon, this reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head. Remember that?

Spengler: That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me.

Methadras said...

Nothing will happen. Seriously. They will only end up with headaches and the implants not working.

Chip Ahoy said...

I read your remark and then looked out the window at the moment a parking meter dude glided by on a Segue, city owned. The rider looked back over his shoulder while gliding ahead on the quiet street.

They're total bitches about parking around here.

And I'm noticing a lot of those tiny city cars too that create an urge within you to tip them over. Yesterday two next to each other. A double tip.

Communicating with AI all around could become really annoying.

Goes like this:

bing overdue parking meter here bing two city cars available here bing six bicycles available here bing one disabled bicycle her bing A-Line arrival on time bing now two more police entered your area new total eight bing parked automobile siren alerted here bing your toast is done bing fire alarm alerted here bing the regular mail will be delivered an hour late bing WSJ is offering a push notification bing detergent is ordered bing your mother's call went to messages bing your dog is given fresh water bing *click*

Borg are the best science fiction characters ever conceived. There, I said it.

They played the Borg movie again yesterday. My younger brother and his wife took me out to see that when it came out. I'm recalling now I could hardly walk but nothing so bad as a wheelchair. They were both curious if I could see it coming, they both wanted to know, like they discussed it beforehand, if I'd see the first contact would be with the Vulcans and I must say I did not see that one coming. I was enthralled with the depiction of Borg. They are just too f'n excellent. They arrest my attention all the way through.

Whoever thought of that is totally Brillo pads! I meant to say brilliant just now but that other Freudian shiny thing came out.

Every single detail about their depiction totally gets me. Bravo. They actually created a brand new classic right before my wondering eyes. These people really are imaginative. They thought the whole thing through to their ramifications. It's all quite incredible. And the costuming alone is simply astounding. And incredibly versatile too.

Hugh, the Borg, a well developed character.

With First Contact I did not predict the Vulcans but should have seen that one fifteen miles away, I was entirely wrapped up with their depiction of the Borg. Picard's cold ruthlessness in killing his own lieutenant who became one that day, opened his body and removed some important device that would be useful. The present day woman could not believe his machinelike cold calculation.

That's what these guys are going for. Good luck, Dudes.

I'm telling you, if I had such a device as this phone when I was a child then it would have saved everyone around me a good deal of grief. I'd interrogate the thing all day long. That would be my entire life, asking questions. I see the kids with them today and think how splendid.

Imagine having that built in.

I joked over a decade ago about my friend having his cell phone built into his arm. One of them would be first in line for it too. What a tremendous savings not having to deal with a separate unit. The downside is he would't get a new clever phone each year.

*Martha Stewart's voice* "It's a good thing."

Who are you talking to, Martha?

Not you.

A mere decade ago that was a clear sign of madness.

What was?

Walking around talking to somebody who isn't there.

deborah said...

Prolly. But this reminds me of a Stephen King short story. A family was going to Mars(?). They were to receive a sedative so they wouldn't experience adverse effects from the FTL trip. The boy purposely didn't take the med because he wanted to see what it was like. At the end of the flight he had aged and had a look of horror in his eyes, because he'd seen 'everything,' then he died.

These implants make me think of accessing cyberspace and going crazy, as in, when you stare into the abyss, it stares back at you.

ricpic said...

Sounds like the best & brightest are aiming toward becoming part of a giant hive mind. If that's the case the future's gonna be a regular laugh riot. Of course what we call individuation, which is expressed by what we call a personality, all that paralleled the end of feudalism and the efflorescence of the new bourgeois ideal of what a man should be -- a free individual. With the return of feudalism that will all pass away.

deborah said...

Freedom leads to choices. Maybe enough people will realize this sort of thing sacrifices our basic humanity. The way kids and many adults are glued to their smart phones...during card playing...does not bode well.

Steg said...

I don't think I'd be on board with this. HOWEVER- I can't help but wonder at our natural progress and ever insatiable curiosity. Where does it lead?

The birds and the fish all turn at the same time. Have we made any progress as to why? I did a lazy search right now and didn't find anything.

I fantasize that these tech folks will one day access the 'cloud'. It is a man made cloud, sure, but it works the same as the other animals. Imagine that in your foot soldiers!

Combined with that brain-zapping gadgetry, well, who knows.

deborah said...

Steg, I think progress has been made on the animals turning at the same time...something about being close together and sensing the pressure of the surrounding animals' wings/fins.

As far as how far we'll go, one of my favorite hobby horses is the Technium.

As far as foot soldiers, I'll stick with the individuality of adapt, improvise, overcome :)

Methadras said...

Steg said...

I don't think I'd be on board with this. HOWEVER- I can't help but wonder at our natural progress and ever insatiable curiosity. Where does it lead?

The birds and the fish all turn at the same time. Have we made any progress as to why? I did a lazy search right now and didn't find anything.

Steg, what you are talking about at least in birds is known as murmurations and starlings are the best example of that. Science does seem to have an answer and it basically comes down to them being interconnected visually as a mesh network. When an individual starling moves, his immediate neighbors move too. It's kind of like a tipping point transition when water turns to steam when boiled. Right at the edge just before that one last molecule kicks it into high gear or as the layman would say, "the straw that broke the camels back".

it's a computational nightmare, but it's still computational and the math supports it. But the distinction with starlings is that it happens almost instantaneously, which is why you see the varied patterns.

Steg said...

Thanks, Meth! That is all very interesting. I have heard of the murmurations before, that's what I was trying to think of. I hope someone gets the ambition to tackle the math, that kind of technology would be great with our drone bikes. Although they already have them sensing each other so they don't collide (the MIT guys maybe) and can already move in sync... so... I suppose it is here? Just not for our human minds.

deborah - what is the Technium? Is that in the book or do you mean that guy's blog? His blog looks very interesting, I'll probably add it to my list of curious spots.