Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NY Primary Night


bagoh20 said...


Sydney said...

Re: bagoh20's link. I just can not fathom how Hillary Clinton can make $10 million a year giving speeches.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Not to be rude, but I just don't want you mucking this up Lundegard.

"My God, the Democratic Party is made up of groups that hate each other because of their tribalism YET STILL FORM A CARTEL STRONG ENOUGH TO WIN."

It is literally way beyond possible for one mind to contemplate millions of voters and why.

God gave men courage to bestow liberty to even us; mystical.

But people here can know about different NY groups that hate each other with IRA shithistory galored, kinda condemned too, but galored nonetheless.

Let's focus on the wonder. Any person not saying "awesome" or "supercool" or "totally amazing" all the time is kinda basely consumed.

Let's consume all the greatness of the giant shoulders our great view of differing histories connotes.

Chip Ahoy said...

Off topic, pardon please, because poly ticks just ain't my bag tonight.

So to compensate for this shortcoming I have something interesting for the ladies. I suppose the gents too possibly. I put off shopping all the time because the regular stuff is just such an f'n drag. I saw an ad on t.v. for Jet.com. I checked them out. The did have a lot of the things I intended so I started adding to a cart to see what would happen. Everything seemed reasonable. Free shipping at $30.00 and that could be a regular thing to make it even faster and easier. Especially for oddball things. Like nori. C'mon, I have to go all the way specifically to an Asian market of that. And a whole bunch of other crap. Some heavy stuff and some big light and bulky pain in the butt stuff.

Here's the odd thing. The delivery guy was a strapping young dark swarthy male with black curly hair and in need of a shave, a plain unlined face with wide open brown eyes who spoke in a fer'ner Middle Eastern accent of some kind. He carried these large heavy unwieldy boxes on his shoulder, too heavy for me to budge "Where should I put this?" Then went back and got the much larger bos. I still cannot imagine carrying it. But he did. It must be a hundred LBS. There's a law against carrying things that heavy. But he did, and here the odd bit, after setting them down where I directed he quickly jumped back outside the apartment right at the edge with his toes on the line and handed his notebook for me to sign.

Flashback. My dog did that. I trained her not to set paw in the kitchen. The tile is the dividing line. Don't ever step on the tile. And it was the funniest damn thing to see her violate the rule to test and I go, "AH!" And she pulls her paw back to the line. So busted.

That's what the guy did. Exactly that. And I'm all wtf? "Do they train you guys not to come inside people's houses?"

"Hang on."

He looked down and finished his tracking thing.

"If you called here where I work and tell them I come inside then they fire me."

I'm shocked to hear that, and I guessed right. "Thank you for bringing this stuff. Thank you for doing that. You spared me a LOT of trouble."

That turned out a very good deal. Recommended. Next order will be a lot smaller. I can even buy osembi. That was my favorite rice cracker. There's different types. Different intensities. Some are like pretzels and others are the texture of puffy Cheetos. Most have soy sauce flavor and some have pieces of black nori seaweed. My favorite is a white disc that is very light and hard and extremely crunchy then wet with saliva it disappears. They're a childhood favorite and now they can be delivered directly.

ndspinelli said...

Was there a primary tonight?

Lem said...

No problem Chip. I'm sick of this interminable campaign.

Methadras said...

Kasich beat Cruz. Interesting.

Lem, I'm with you honestly. I want this entire process to be over. Seriously, the primaries are just too fucking long and too fucking tiresome. They should be 6 months long and then with all 50 states voting at once. None of this parsing bullshit primaries here there and over yonder. Enough. If you can't convince me in six months, maybe 8 that you are the right person for the job, then fuck you, you lose. This two year campaigning is getting on my nerves. Money and time can be better spent elsewhere.

Shouting Thomas said...

It's over.

Trump is the nominee.

He already has 845 delegates out of the needed 1,237.

He's way ahead in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and California, all winner-take-all primaries. (CA is kind of fudgy in some way.) That gives him around 1,150 delegates. That leaves him 87 short with 11 other primaries remaining. It's over.

Trump is the nominee.

AllenS said...

Excuse, me ST, but Trump should be the nominee. I don't trust the GOP. Not. One. Bit.

AllenS said...

Funny place for a comma, AllenS...

edutcher said...

Bill Kristol (of all people) nails it by noting that the Cruz crowd's bragging about how "clever" they are delivers the exact opposite of the message they want. Kristol calls it "dubious".

Duplicitous is more accurate.

And Shout makes a good point. Trump is up between 18 and 24 in all those big upcoming states.

Methadras said...

Kasich beat Cruz. Interesting.

Kasich didn't come to NY and go out of his way to insult people.

Shouting Thomas said...

(CA is kind of fudgy in some way.

It's called winner take most. You get the delegates if you win a congressional district and delegates if you win the state.

Fudgy is one way of putting it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump did well last night. And if he has a few more nights like this and then does well in California he may very well clinch the nomination on the first vote in Cleveland.

AprilApple said...
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AprilApple said...

Thanks for the link, Bags. That's a keeper.

A few weeks ago, in the Sunday paper "parade" magazine, - they listed hillayr's income as much less than 28 million. What does SHE do again? Oh yeah - sell us down the river.

deborah said...

Kasich siphoned votes. How interesting.

AprilApple said...

Trump could have this thing in the bag had he not gone down the National Enquirer road with the fake 5 mistresses story, along with his other immature and petty poo flinging.

AprilApple said...

Socialists should be required to pay MORE than their fair share. Not less.

F-ing socialists.

edutcher said...

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump did well last night. And if he has a few more nights like this and then does well in California he may very well clinch the nomination on the first vote in Cleveland.

Next week will be good and IN may be. I think the worm has turned, as it were.

deborah said...

Kasich siphoned votes. How interesting.

Romney had an interesting theory that Trump would have more trouble with Kasich out of the race. If so, there may very well be a deal with Kasich. Saw something that, as head of his delegation, Christie could pretty much hand over his delegation to Trump. Don't know if that's possible, but we'll see.

And there's always Rubio.

AprilApple said...

Trump could have this thing in the bag had he not gone down the National Enquirer road with the fake 5 mistresses story, along with his other immature and petty poo flinging.

No, dear, he still had all the lies coming out of the Cruz camp.

And I'll bet we find there's more to the 8, yes, there are 8, I hear, mistresses.

That half million dollar check didn't cut itself and the Ashley Madison account didn't magically appear.

AprilApple said...

Ed- you make me a #never Trumper, just so you know.

How much is Hillary paying you?

edutcher said...

You've always been, dear, even when you were hectoring us about supporting the nominee. I don't mind the sour grapes, I just rebut your arguments.

But, for those interested, to show just how badly the One True Ted screwed himself, Ben Carson outdid him in 2 districts.

And remember that 1100 item a couple of weeks ago? Seems there may be more to it than we thought. This could get Christie AG and, for Rubio, who knows?

PS Dad Rafael is having an epic meltdown, but Teddy doesn't seem to handle rejection well, either.

AprilApple said...

@Reality Man @ InstaPundit

"There are 3 possibilities for Donald Trump

1) He wins the nomination and gets killed in the election. He has zero... zero organization and he already had awful numbers against both democrat opponents. He's not Reagan and today's polling is far more accurate than polling in the 1980's. This is the most likely scenario.

2) He wins the nomination by cutting a deal with the RNC. He takes on John Kasich as his VP making use of Kasich's numbers against Hillary/Bernie. The pick gives him "gravitas" and suddenly the GOPe is on board. Trump wins the election and moves heavily to the center receiving heaps of Praise from the GOPe. No wall ever gets built, status quo continues as Don enjoys being the toast of Washington DC as he cuts deals left and right.

3) Trump loses after the first ballot because he didn't even bother to work for all the delegates he needed. He cries and throws a fit - leaving the convention a loser. He blames everyone else and his followers slurp it up. Hillary becomes the president after the republican party is destroyed by the ridiculous failure of Donald Trump to run a campaign.

In no way do I see Trump winning the presidency and doing all the stuff his supporters think he will do. They will have been conned in one of the greatest swindles of all time. Sad actually....

Yet one thing I am sure of - if Ted Cruz loses - he will be there in the senate, still fighting the good fight, trying to slow down the machine, getting ridiculed from both the left and the establishment right day in and day out. "

ricpic said...

Oh Happy Day!

edutcher said...

You're quoting some troll on Insta? Oy!

And, you should know, The Donald has already started in on Crooked Hillary, so just because you see no way of him winning in November is hardly the point. He wasn't supposed to get this far, so I guess we'll have to drag you to the victory party for him this Fall.

PS Honey, when Daddy Cruz loses, he will remain in the Senate until Goldman Sachs figures he isn't worth the money.

(and the Cruzzers call us rubes)

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Late to the party, but ......THANKS Chip. I was looking at Jet.com after you brought it up and they have a really good selection of interesting and unobtainable goods for our area. I wonder if they even deliver at this far flung outpost of the world. Worth a try!!!