Saturday, August 6, 2016

How Ultra Liberal SJW's and Republican Business Cucks work together to import Refugees who rape children!

Have you been following the story out of Idaho that the Main Stream Media has covered up? A group of Muslim refugee children raped a five year old and it is all being covered up. The mainstream media has a news embargo and the so called conservative media like the National Review and the American Specator and douches like Mark Levin will not touch it. A comphrensive account is presented by Breitbart in a very compelling article titled:

Twin Falls Crisis Imposed by Clinton-Era Pro-Refugee Advocates

This post is too lengthy to post here but I do want to post a couple of really disturbing paragraphs.

"Thousands of Muslim refugees are flowing into the small Idaho town of Twin Falls because of closed-door decisions made by a group of self-serving advocates in and around Washington D.C.

One key player is Lavinia Limón, CEO of the U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigrants(USCRI). That’s a government-backed group that is paid to place migrants in Americans’ towns. Her group is also called a “voluntary agency,” or ‘VOLAG.’ The group’s local affiliate, the College of Southern Idaho, has already placed 1,000 Iraqi refugees in Twin Falls."

"Limón is part of a circle of Democratic progressive politicians who believe Americans’ government should not favor Americans over foreigners, and that all humans — Americans and Afghans, Christians and Muslims, skilled and unskilled, healthy and diseased — should be welcomed in the United States. She is allied with various business groups — plus their GOP supporters — who use each annual inflow of migrant workers as replacements for prior years’ migrants, many of whom flee to better and safer jobs.
Chobani Yogurt, the company that owns and operates the largest yogurt manufacturing facility in the world in Twin Falls, thanks in part to $54 million in federal and state grants, relies heavily on refugees brought in by USCRI and the College of Southern Idaho as employees. In 2015, CNN reported that 600 of the company’s 2,000 employees are refugees."
Thus the collusion between ultra liberal SJW government employees and Chamber of Commerce brought thousands of illegal immigrants and migrants to be exploited instead of providing jobs for native born Americans. This migrants bring all of the problems and a culture that have turned their native land into Third World shitholes. They bring rapists and a rape culture. Not the phony bullshit that the moron feminists talk about. A rape culture where children think they have the right to rape a child. And the government covers it up because they don't want to broadcast the horror crime and disease that these policies bring to the heartland of America.
This is what Trump is talking about. I just think he is not talking about it enough. He should hold a rally in Twin Falls. He should hold a rally outside of the yogurt factory. He should tell the truth about the collusion between Democratic government activists and Big Business Republicans.  That is a lot more important than some stupid endorsements or whether or not he threw a baby out of a rally. I hope he gives this story the attention it deserves.
But I doubt that he will. The cover up will continue. At least in the eyes of the elite. The people who are being affected by it know what is going on. The more they force this on the people in obscure out of the way places the more people will become aware. The reaction that will ensue is not something they are prepared for by any means. Trump is just a tiny precursor of what is coming. A few drops of rain before the tsunami. 


edutcher said...

Just like Britain.

A lot of this is pushed by the Choom Gang and has gotten much of the country up in arms.

rcocean said...

Exactly, Ryan and McConnell support this because they're being paid off by the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business.