Sunday, August 28, 2016

"I told them that Brexit was the victory of the little people over the Establishment. They went wild"

I told them that if you can motivate non-voters to engage with the electoral process that anything was possible.

I did not endorse Trump, because I had condemned President Obama for telling us what to do in our referendum.

But I did say that if I was a US citizen I would not vote for Hillary Clinton even if she paid me.

So what now do I think of Trump and his campaign? Often business people don't make good politicians.

They are used to having their own way and fire off lots of ideas, many of which are completely forgotten by the following morning.

But in politics if you think out loud and throw ideas into the mix they simply can't be thrown in the waste bin as they get analysed and often ridiculed by the media pack.

Trump is very new to politics and has made a lot of mistakes.

When I watched his acceptance speech in Cleveland it appeared to be disjointed. It simply didn't flow.

But what I saw from just a few feet away in Jackson was something different. He was a better and more confident speaker.

He stuck in a disciplined manner to a script. I sensed that his new campaign team have him on the right track. I really don't believe that he is the monster painted by many.


ndspinelli said...

Gee, This guy says EXACTLY what some of us say all the fucking time. He must be a Hillary supporter.

edutcher said...

Well, a lot of people liked his acceptance speech (imagine that) and, for a guy who made a lot of mistakes, he seems to be doing awfully well.

As far as mistakes are concerned, the biggest yet seems to have been the trial balloon floated by Ms Conway about working with illegals. Said balloon going over as it 'twere made of lead, has since been rescinded.

Chip Ahoy said...

Brits made more fun of that guy than I've ever seen or heard. They take the most serious and unnecessary problems and ignore them, give them no coverage at all, while Farange makes the most realistic common sense and they just can't stand it. He is effrontery to socialist dogma. Plus ha makes the best faces ever. So they latch onto those, put words into his mouth and ridicule all day and night jon stewart fashion (lower case intended)

They both do very well. IF you listen.

Meanwhile Hillary's high crimes and misdemeanors, slights, leaving the debate stage, pay for play, oversights, destruction of public property, lax of security, avoidance of FOIA, consorting with enemies for profit, money grabbing, using office for personal wealth, slush fund foundations, outright and obvious lies are all blithely overlooked when not actually supported.

Spoon-fed by complicit media all swimming in the same cesspool, reeking of waste freshly shit out and unflushed coating crusted old shit crawling with worms and clouds of flying insects, as if from jars of baby food, form their political positions and their arguments.

There is no talking to them. We see this in comments all over. The only reasonable action left is drop all discussion and roll over them by voting otherwise.

I no longer listen. Ears shut. When they're speaking I'm plotting my next subversion. Their words go right past except to the ones used as darts against them.

Ex: A Brit titled his post, "extraordinary cunts" and linked to something about Trump he didn't like.

They're all such experts on American politics. Life on an island that you can hike in a few days does that to you; turns your attention to larger things.

Without looking at the profile to see if the poster is British, American, or Australian, or Canadian, I assumed he is British by his language that's accepted as normal.

And since he remarking about Trump then I wrote as if Hillary is candidate with nothing there to support it. I wanted other readers to know his ignorant shitass opinion is not universal and let him have it good and hard: This is your candidate, enumerating all of that and repeating after each damaging, "but the likes of you don't care about that."

Ending with the photograph shown here in comments of Hillary at Cher's house in her God-awful, trailer-park combination, and bedazzled flats of Arabian design. This is your candidate. IF you're even eligible to vote in the United States, that is.

And that's why they love me there. I am 100% contrarian to their glib presumption and unearned sanctimony. I let 'em have it and give it to them hard. Complete smackdown with no engagement, no argument at all. Just smack 'em across the face with a board. Since they're pissing along all day and all night as I said. On political things they are just so predictably wearisome.

They cannot comprehend Brexit. So they assume it's all based on racism. It must be. It's their single idiotic response. Much like here.

Thank you for giving me practice. Thank you for honing my devastating arguments. The task is made easy because the responses are immediate. The language is right there. It is a different language than the language they speak, and it's shocking to hear when it's never spoken to them so never heard by them. The opposing position is revelation while it disturbs the living hell out of them. I have no idea what they say afterwords because I don't bother returning to strings to see. I don't care. I speak without listening to their counterargument, simply deliver the smackdown and leave.

And I noticed my user name among the notable members when they post a photoshop using member names. That's all I need to know my ideas, your ideas actually, got through to them and left a lasting impression.

Then ended that particular post, "extraordinary cunts indeed."

ricpic said...

It's pathetic that Farage feels the need to say that Trump is not a monster when the true monster is getting ready to put us all in her belly. But such is the power of THE NARRATIVE.

Rhythm and Balls said...

If all it takes for the people to be victorious is for housing prices and the national currency to tank, why was a disunited Europe necessary? I'm sure Farage could have figured out other ways to give his people the victoriously tattered economic ruin that he delivered - shortly before skipping out of town and stepping down from his EU parliamentary seat.