Monday, August 29, 2016

roasted jalapeño closeup

Look at that. What an amazing combination.

They don't even care that you consume all those seeds. Like they don't care when you eat tomato seeds either. Or cucumbers seeds and the like, they just leave the seeds in there. And they don't care what happens after you eat them. 

We could end up with things growing inside of us somewhere in there. That's what I thought before kindergarten. Who knows? Mum said, "Hold still! Let me clean out your ears. Or you'll have potatoes grow out of them." What a freaky liar. She had me totally faked out. I believed her. I had to. 

 Or if they weren't fast enough for that we could end up introducing invasive species like Johnny Appleseed did carelessly evacuating all over the place without a thought to native species. 

As if we're no more thoughtful than animals. 

That won't happen with these jalapeños. For one the chiles are green so unripe and their seeds not fully formed so their seeds are not viable. I learned this because I planted some. And secondly they are roasted and the intense heat denatures them. Two strikes against the seeds growing no matter how rich the fertilizer that accompanies their random deposit. 

All that is a joke. 

I want to point out this pizza is so good. It tastes unusually hot even though jalapeños are quite low on the Scoville scale, just a bump above Poblanos that are mild and two bumps above Bell peppers that have no heat to measure, and all three types are picked before they ripe or else they'd be red, and they lose some of their heat when they do.

That's why the are best roasted. Nobody likes unripened things. 

And this pizza, so simple, just 4 elements on top of the bread is the best that I've tried around here with jalapeño. Because they roast fresh chile peppers while all the other places I've tried so far use the kind that are pickled and that is worse with additional vinegar and just lazy. 

Denver Pizza Company, three short blocks away, kudos to them for doing things right.

The earlier reddit discussion asks for your golden rule that you live by and one answered "under promise and over deliver" and so far, these are millennials I'm talking about here, all gorgeous young people, they've all adopted that philosophy. As a matter of survival. I said so, and they smile broadly. If they promise the real expected time they'd have to deal with complaining customers. "You said you could be here in twenty minutes!" While promising forty-five minutes to an hour and accepting the terms then we're delighted when they show up in twenty. Simple psychology that works very well. Clever, these young people. Every one, to a person, that I come into contact and speak with is utterly delightful and hardworking and fun, and often treated unfairly.


Lem said...

There's a pizza video game. Guy goes around delivering pizza and encounters obstacles he must overcome.

Leland said...

Shout out to Persona Pizzeria that my daughter just discovered and invited us to try out. It's like a Subway, except the bread is still dough. While you contemplate your order, an employee spins the dough, this is handed off to another employee that puts on the requested toppings, this is then loaded into a brick oven, and 90 seconds later; you have a cooked pizza to eat.