Monday, August 29, 2016

Weiner, official trailer

A tweet by National Review was noticed in Instapundit sidebar, now disappeared, that linked to National Review. A site that I do not bother reading. The author Stephen Miller is fascinated by this new documentary on Anthony Weiner, fascinated by how the film producers imagine they are assisting Weiner's political rehabilitation, fascinated by Weiner's bizarre behavior throughout, and especially fascinated by how very calculated Huma's few moments onscreen.

I'm a bit fascinated by Miller's fascination.

National Review is a site dedicated to seeing Hillary Clinton elected and having blame for that fall to Trump supporters. For reasons unstated they're dedicated in maintaining status quo with a faint preference for Republican executive branch but with very little difference. Reading through comments to the article confirms this perception.

The official trailer is posted there. But not here, I wouldn't do that to you. It's awful all the way through. And extremely annoying besides. Each moment is cringing. Every single second, compressed annoyance. Anthony Weiner really is awful, he cannot escape his own behavior. Huma's attachment to him is inexplicable but that doesn't stop all observers, and I mean all observers, from offering their own explanation anyway, ranging from presumed size of Weiner's penis to Huma gaining access to the White House through Hillary Clinton. Oddly, throughout all this, through the film and through the discussion in comments, it is Huma who comes through most sympathetically.
Everything she does, every expression aimed at the camera she treats almost as an intruder, is calculated, measured, and done in the interest of protecting not only her young son, but her boss and the future Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.
The whole time I read through Stephen Miller's reaction to this obnoxious film and his mentions of Clinton's camp keeping tabs on Weiner's erratic behavior expecting the next mess for them I was thinking, "We know all this already. We internalized all this well long ago. There is no pleasure, no enjoyment, no fascination in seeing it all again like a video file stuck on repeat. It's annoying, extremely so, and not the least bit fascinating. How can anyone find it so?

Sensible people pursue pleasant interests like gardening, photography, cooking, drawing and the like, not sitting through obnoxious cringe inducing political films. Sensible people become anxious viewing psychological disorder acted out, observing power struggles of worked up psychological cases.

All this is my excuse for digging up from the remote past (in political terms) a GIF made a long time ago and already shown, just to get this nonsense out of my system. To purge him, and her and herself, but here they all are again, vexing us doing the same things again, for it's not just Anthony Weiner who is stuck. Clearly, it's all of them stuck in their ways, Anthony, Huma, Hillary, her supporters, Stephen Miller, and every last one of his commenters there, all still very stuck.

Go on, have a look. Torture yourself if you like, the way Stephen Miller likes. But I prefer my own take from very long ago. It's more entertaining and a lot less annoying. To me.

I don't know where this photo is taken. When Anthony was profiled in some magazine that I now forget the name of, I was struck by its impressive Spartan design better than any college dorm that I've seen. Most likely a Washington pied-à-terre, seemed too bare, too nakedly college level to actually abide in full time. The few rooms had no decoration whatsoever, nothing comfortable in them. Except, as I'm recalling now, a single political poster. As worked up loyal Democrats do. Their only art. 

Now I'm sad again. 

Come to think of it, these flowers shown above could have been brought in just for the shoot, to add spots of color to that profile intended to humanize the nearly non-human. It is how they think. "This place needs a few pops. Get a pillow in here and order some flowers." During the documentary covered by Miller at National Review, the filmmakers keep adding suggestions to help Anthony come across better, they know what they're doing while Anthony does not, and Anthony Weiner keeps telling them to shut up.

YouTube, Weiner documentary.

National Review (with the same video) 

(Jesus Christ, you two, talk about stepping on a guy's post! There was nothing there scheduled when I started this thing. I had to leave momentarily. I ate an entire pizza all at once last night and its remnant portion came out today the same way. BLAM!)


Methadras said...

The Saga of Carlos Danger written by The Lulz

edutcher said...

Well, you know the fawning will always be there.

I remember Baba Wawa drooling over Fidel years ago and wanting to barf.

As, I think, Surber said, this is cleansing election, flushing all the turncoats out into the open.

ricpic said...

Bottom line? Sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood operative will increase. Among women, among low info voters and yes, among "nice" Republicans who CAN'T STAND THAT NASTY TRUMP!

ricpic said...

Thought balloon over the baby: So what am I, a Mohammed or a Moishe?

AllenS said...

I can't imagine the child that a relationship between Huma and Hillary will look like.

Methadras said...

AllenS said...

I can't imagine the child that a relationship between Huma and Hillary will look like.

She will look like a Burka'ed Cankle.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip, did you watch Weiner?

I watched the film and was amazed by it. What a shameless liar and megalomaniac Anthony Weiner is and how coldly calculating Huma Abedin comes off. People who are inclined to vote for Hillary anyway will vote for Hillary anyway.

But Huma does not come off well in that movie. Her reaction to Anthony Weiner's lies is more of anger he could be so stupid (the looks of horror by the way of his campaign staff are priceless) not that of a wife and mother who was betrayed by her husband.

I thought it was a great movie to watch. I doubt it will shift people who are committed one way or the other, but it is revealing of Huma Abedin and not in a good way. And you can't help but think of Bill Clinton when you are watching Weiner in action.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I have hobbies, but Weiner is a good film to chew cud through.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yes, I did watch the video and despised every moment. It's why I didn't show it here.

Then I fell asleep, as you do, and had a series of dreams most delightful. The dreams are a lot better than the video.

The best parts, I'll leave out 99%.

I'm walking with someone who is faceless but appears in a lot of my dreams nonetheless, sort of like a spirit companion and we go about on short trips of discovery.

We see a cluster of well kept lower middle class homes. All very nice despite all being of the two-bedroom, 1 bath variety. All unobtrusive while all very well kept up. They are expensive for their location and not for their architecture. It's an interesting contrast.

We see this family.

Except it is Anthony Weiner, the baby and Huma is replaced with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The dream shifts, transitioning from one dream to the next.

Now we're all in the automobile and DWS is driving.

I learn that in real life DWS is actually delightful. She is the finest of the bunch. She and I hit it off. We have a good deal of fun driving around.

Imagine that.

This dream is showing me to stop being so critical of her, that her spirit is quite different than the spirit I knew via media. I actually like her. And although IRL I cannot stand listening to a single word out of her mouth, in dreamland she is positively delightful.

Segue again.

We pass by new construction. Highrise apartments to accommodate a whole new population of technocrats. They are all the same. Cut from the same mold. All going along in their new technocrat economy. Their economy will replace the economy that I know. They are the new breed and they behave and they look and they appear as proper communists except much improved. They are sad by their absence of imagination and their values amount to slavery to pursuit of wealth. They couldn't escape their lot if they tried. They cannot even try.

The dream made feel deep sorrow for them. DWS is still with me and she is a delight to be with. The faceless traveler is in the back seat being quiet as always, and Anthony Weiner is just a bad boy being managed by DWS issuing orders to mind.

Segue again.

We're in Bolivia exploring. Now my companions are male and we're buying popcorn from a vendor. I've never seen corn kernels that huge and I ask him if I can buy the kernels instead of the popcorn. I want to bring them home to process to powder and try as polenta and compare with the expensive ones that I bought online. The vendor obliges but only after some confusion. He's unsure how much to charge me for a popcorn bag full of kernels, then additional confusion converting my currency. He realized he charged me twice as much, it didn't matter the whole thing was a bargain, but important to him that he not gouge me, instead of returning half the cash I gave him he fills a second popcorn bag with kernels. I'm trying to figure out how I'll get these two bags home when I wake up in a snap. A bit disappointed that delightful didn't continue.

Yes, I did see the Anthony Weiner video and he's a dope, a real dope, and the interest he provokes in other political crackpots right and left fall flat to me and he doesn't compare, he cannot compare, to my own nightly dreams in series. So Anthony Weiner can just piss off. I have a lot more interesting things than him, his weird wife, and their ill and corrupt Lady from Arkansas to occupy my attention.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Your dreams are quite remarkable. Yes, I like them more than the Weiner video. Keep sharing.

I am not going to go back and watch Weiner again, but I did not mind seeing that insight once. It just confirms how right I am to not trust Hillary Clinton.

I also watched Joy last night. It was difficult to watch the first half and I almost turned it off, then the second half started with her selling on QVC. The second half with the chemistry between her and Bradley is so much better (although he is not a real person, but made up of a few different persons at QVC). The first half with her disfunctional family is horrible.

But that first half if mostly made up (the horrible parts). Did they think they needed that fiction to make the movie? Why? I thought it hurt the movie. It would have been far better if they stuck to the facts.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip, For what it is worth, I think I would rather go visit an abattoir than see Southside With You.

Trooper York said...

I am sorry Chip.

I am very remiss. I start something and then post it and then I saw that youse guys had stuff you are working on.

I apologize if I stepped on your toes and will be more careful. I will store it first and then figure it out.

Sorry. Your post was much better.

Rhythm and Balls said...

How is the movie available? What service do you go through?

That pic is really nasty and fucked up. I wrote about a way to justify it based on the written description. But the image shows that it's in no way justifiable.

Yep, this guy's a wackadoodle. Let me watch the movie and get a glimpse into the mind of yet another Democratic demonic douchebag.


rcocean said...

I'm glad people are making fun of Huma's Weiner. Otherwise, i don't care, except it confirms that most liberal democrats are freaks who'll vote for any kind of degenerate as long as they support stupid social issue or keep the graft flowing.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

R&B: Netflix

ndspinelli said...

One psycho Jew.

Rhythm and Balls said...

Thanks. I'm watching it on Amazon right now. Same thing.

His wife actually seems like a nice lady. Innocent. Supportive. Sweet.

Granted, there's not all that much to see or hear of her in this short movie.

They felt overshadowed by the Clintons. All of Bill's passion, much less of Hillary's conniving, none of their power or ability to use others.