Monday, August 22, 2016

The blog has been on a good run since February of last year

Thanks for making time for us in your virtual routine. We have about 9 days to beat the June down tick, in order to continue the uptrend we started on February of last year.

Thanks to all the visitors, commenters and contributors.


Trooper York said...

OH. Let's work on that. Mane some contrversiL posts to get clicks and page views.

I think I can pretty much guarantee long as you don't delete them. Just sayn!

chickelit said...

Interesting nadir around 2/15/15. What was happening then?

edutcher said...

I was on vaca.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Because you rock Lem.

Sixty Grit said...

Lem, you are okay, and I have to apologize for what I wrote before. I know that doesn't really undo the damage, but I have to do it, here, publicly, I owe you that much.

I was wrong and out of line. Keep doing what you are doing, and I will try not to do what I have done too often.

edutcher said...

Sixty, you are a good man.

We all get ticked, but you stood up.

Sixty Grit said...

But, as someone wiser than I wrote, attack the arguments, not the person. Lem deserves better than I gave him.

Let me tell you a little story on how I got my mind right.

Nearly 25 years ago I went to work in a small company, with a guy who was intelligent, well educated at an Ivy League school, hard working, focused, serious, a better speller than I, professional, and eventually, he was very successful. He had a family that he cared for very much. He earned millions of dollars over his career but lived a modest life style - he had a nice house but it was paid for. Drove cars that he paid cash for - he had no indebtedness. His father worked for 30+ years at Bell Labs and he, too, was the consummate professional.

Don't get me wrong, dude had a wicked sense of humor. He taught me much. When my divorce was final we went out on the patio at work, smoked cigars and cranked up Free Bird. When the company went public and our IPO shares were finally worth something, we went out on the patio, smoked cigars, drank champagne and cranked Free Bird.

Guy retired from that same company two months ago and moved to his bought-and-paid-for home down at the coast. Was livin' the dream, at least as far as any outside observer could tell. He had a boat, new golf clubs and nothing but the rest of his life ahead of him

Then a week ago he killed his wife and himself.

What did this event do to me? Made me question what success really is, what is really valuable in life, what really matters and why I respect someone.

So Lem, so long as you haven't murdered anyone, I will try to be more respectful of you. You have earned and deserve my respect. Once again, I am sorry for what I wrote. If I get off track again, take me out back and slap me.

ndspinelli said...

Sixty, Thanks for being open about what troubles you. That is a manly thing to do. And, your sincere apology is also manly. Too bad your friend held his shit in. "Better out than in" was said by my mother too many times to count.

Dad Bones said...

Lem, you have nerves of steel that you are able to keep this crew of commenters together. You have a truly original way of being in charge without appearing to be in charge.

Lem said...

Thanks Sixty, water under the bridge. and Thanks Dad Bones.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

60, I am sorry about that. That's horrible.