Monday, August 29, 2016

Unsavory Agents, the right kind of rebels

Right meaning political right.

Sabo strikes again with a poster of Hillary Clinton tattooed with very well done black and white picture of vulture replacing American eagle, wearing a pearl necklace and clutching roses. The fully naked body unattractively slathered with various iconography signifying corruption of every type including distasteful allusion to abortion, Persia, piles of money, devil worship, Jame Crumb moth, feminism, the numerous tattoos executed with varying degrees of skill.

He's very good as artist drawing other artist's at different levels of tattoo proficiency. Impressive as art. He sells his posters at his site, but honestly, who would want to decorate their home with political messaging? I just cannot see it. But there it is. 

Have a look. It's interesting. Very interesting. To me, anyway. You must go there to see because this is a family friendly site and we mustn't stir unwelcome trouble with AdSense.

Sabo strikes in the darkness of night. I admire that. He hits some twenty places. I'm certain he scopes out his targets beforehand, not just wandering around looking for good places to smear up adhesive for his posters. This takes planning to place them in well trafficked spots that are sure to attract attention and annoy the right people. He wants the most people possible to see them. You can see what Sabo looks like and observe his demeanor yourself by these videos that Sabo uploaded after he was visited by two agents two different times. He recorded the sessions against their disapproval.

First by two Secret Service agents who appear at his home and oddly interview him through his studio window. They seem friendly enough.

Second by FBI agents who challenge him outside his home and are decidedly more menacing.

The four agents do not look like their Hollywood representation. This is California after all. It's too warm for wearing a suit and tie. Things are different there. Sabo is hardened. He is not intimidated by their customary approach that would have softer subjects trembling. We see Sabo, let's be honest here, a real hardened asshole aware of his rights.

And that's why I like him so well. That and his artistic skill, that and his physical ability to pull all this off. I cannot do that. I cannot do any of that. So I admire it.

Having said all that, I notice on Sabo's site something completely unrelated to all this that also arrests my attention. Maybe not yours. I'll understand if/when you dismiss it.

Sabo plasters his poster over previous posters advertising some upcoming music event, some rave, or just some artist advertising themselves. Behind Sabo's poster of tatted up Hillary is another poster of a rapper, I'm presuming, possibly a DJ., the image repeated four times and far less artistic, the edge sticking out from behind the image of tatted up Hillary Clinton. The man is wearing his sunglasses positioned on top of his head and he's wearing a shirt with an image of an Egyptian hieroglyphic owl. What? A good one too. And to me and to others studying this subject that image says very clearly, "M". We actually hear the sound mmmm in our ears when we see that specific hieroglyph owl.

That is all.

You can buy this owl M shirt if you like, but what would be the point?

Google images [shirt, hieroglyphic owl]

Oh. Other versions have more hieroglyphics, the image reversed so read right to left, the direction the animals are facing, it reads "d - dj +t - st"

Most likely a musical DJ then. I bet.

human foot and lower leg = d
that type snake = J (dj, actually)
that type loaf of bread = t (feminization)
throne, stair step = Isis, st, ah-s, htm, and ws.

I cannot make any sense of dejetest. I have no idea what they're trying to convey. Especially with the larger m.

Could all that be nonsense? Some rapper thing the youngsters are up to? Some way for them to be ironic?

Yes. Come to find out. Keep digging a bit and all is revealed.

Don't Challenge Drake on Ancient Egypt -- The Cut

Drake likes the owl, and that's all, the cover of his mix-tape and he wears on this clothes. Also a symbol of his collaboration group OVOXO

He should have asked for some help from students on this subject. Or else this shirt is  knock off. I just now looked at one Yahoo group studying three Middle Egyptian hieroglyphic texts. I was surprised to see the list 753 members. I was stunned, imagining there to be only some 20 or so of us.

I am pleased to see that. It shows me I'm not just being a crackpot. There are a lot of other weird-os like me out there. I am comforted by knowing that. And better than that, they are actually worse! Wouldn't you be comforted in discovering your kindred spirits?

If the musician wanted OVOXO in hieroglyphics, that's easy enough. Any online translator can serve that up without any effort at all.

The "V" will be problematic. As with Spanish V and B and F are all voiced bilabial fricatives. So, pick either B or F, whichever little pretty picture strikes Drake's fancy. As seen, the B is a human foot, a tall sign while the F is a desert horned asp, a short and smaller sign. In design terms, it's a matter of style here. Drake likes the owl, that's all there is to it. Nothing more to discuss really, I expect the snake will have more appeal but it must be placed in the center of the space for it and not at the bottom or else graphically it will appear strange (the F snake means a lot of other things too having to do with paternity and distinguishing between the bits of helping verbs, all rather technical to Egyptian grammar that's as messy as English irregulars) Best stick with the foot sign. It's grammatically a lot more simple. But Drake is not concerned with proper Egyptian grammar.

Egyptian hieroglyph signs denote consonant sounds not vowels, and OVOXO is 3/5 vowels not present in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Although there are several near-vowel vocalizations that do have signs, but the phoneme "O" is not one of them. We cannot specify "O" but we can come a bit close to it.

The online hieroglyph servers will show the sign of a rope tether for cattle with an actual value of "wa" another choice is the chick with a value of "W" sometimes "U" as in the name "Tut."

See, this transliteration from the sounds of one language into another is not so simple as appears. Not the least bit direct. But anything that we do will be better than what the t-shirt designers have already done. At least ours will have some effort behind it.

The "X" sound is represented "K+S" while proper Egyptologists might prefer one of the guttural H sounds not shown on any of the simple online hieroglyphic servers.

Reading left to right, then, for poster behind Sabo's tatted up Hillary faces left, and going for something graphically attractive in mind we can have


Unless you prefer an F instead of a B
and prefer K+S instead of the harsh guttural H.


Unless you prefer the chick W/U then, 

As self-appointed designer for Drake's more appropriate hieroglyphic t-shirts, this is what I offer for OVOXO if that is what Drake wanted.


ricpic said...

The artist's being very kind about her body which is much worse than drawn.

Gene Wilder died. According to CBS News he was one of the great greats. I don't get it. To me he was a screecher, nothing more nothing less.

Sixty Grit said...

That might be the best political poster I have ever seen.

AllenS said...

No, that's not Hillary's body. She will have an inner tube layer of fat on her middle. That's why she wears boy scout pup tents.

Amartel said...

Now this is so much more interesting than Weiner and his entirely predictable boring pop-up Weiner.

Gene Wilder was an original American oddity whose main fame years were during the 1970s and who improved everything he appeared in. Sometimes he gave me the creeps; not sure why but he seemed a bit pedophile-y sometimes. But that was my mistake. Mostly he evoked surprisingly unannoying sad-clownity or laughter. I always remembered the performance. Terrible about the Alzheimers. A full life, well lived. Voila. How difficult was that?

When a famous person dies, the media always overcompensates trying to justify the fame. He was the greatest of the great greats. What does that even mean? What are they trying to do? Sell DVDs? It's not helpful. Say WHY people liked him. The one job the media actually has is explaining reality and they lack the mental energy to do it well, possibly because all the creative energy is drained away by the heavy lifting involved in pretending everything's great in Obamaland (formerly known as the United States of America) and the populace looks forward with great excitement to the overlordship of Madame RoboFatMao. Or, better explanation, they're all hacks who are just phoning it in. Unlike Gene Wilder.

Trooper York said...

He was an interesting guy.

Sort of always reminded my of Stan Laurel if that makes any sense.

Trooper York said...

Gene Wilder not Anthony Weiner.

Weiner reminds me of a skinny Fatty Arbuckle.

edutcher said...

The more she's made the object of ridicule, the better. I remember someone else similarly tatted during the primaries.

AllenS said...

No, that's not Hillary's body. She will have an inner tube layer of fat on her middle. That's why she wears boy scout pup tents.

No, that's for all the medical equipment.

ndspinelli said...

I first saw Wilder in Bonnie and Clyde. A small role that he made the most of. He and Pryor were superb together in Silver Streak. The scene in the train station men's room where Pryor is trying to teacher Wilder to be black is piss your pants funny.