Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Nurses who has to ask the famous "Sexual history?" question, what was the best answer you got?"

Reddit best answers...
an older lady. Maybe early 70's. There were 5-10 sexual history questions in a row. In the middle of them she blurts out, "honey, I've been dried up for years. Nobody has been diggin in this for a long time."

A 65 year old man came in with an abundance of genital warts and said "I kept sleeping with that same dirty woman. That's why I got these things"

I got a laugh out of hearing a young girl tell me she's not currently sexually active, because the last time she had sex was the day before

Paramedic here. I once asked a 20 year old female with abdominal pain:
ME:"Are you sexually active?"
HER: "Yes"
ME: "Any chance you're pregnant?"
HER: "Absolutely not, I could never be pregnancy"
ME: "Not all birth control is 100% effective."
HER: Mine is.
ME: "What kind of birth control is it?"
HER: "um...lesbianism."

Not a nurse but the best response I've heard to this question was from a quiet guy in my freshman college English class. Somehow our discussion on vaccines led to this topic and he told a story about his doctor asking if he was sexually active. His perfect response was "Bro I'm not even socially active"

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AllenS said...

Question Asker: "How about you?"

Huma: "I'm weiner free."

Question Asker: "How about you, Hillary?"

Hillary: "Fuck you."