Friday, August 26, 2016

WKRLEM: Everybody has a Little Tiny Moustache these days!


Chip Ahoy said...

It'll be interesting in the debates when we see Trump ask Hillary with apparently genuine concern, "Are you comfortable, Hillary? Do you need another money stuffed pillow? Are you steady? Do you need to have another very long bathroom break like your last tongue bath, I meant to say debate?"

H: "Oh shut up Donald, you Nazi."

"What is that smell? Is that your side bags leaking again? "

H: "You're racist, Donald, and so are your supporters."

"Are you well? Are you still no ways tard? Apologies I was distracted recalling your paean to Grand Dragon Byrd. That was really sweet of you. Here, lemme give you a few million cash to see your way safely home. I'm concerned. Your donor's jet might not make it the fifteen miles. Allow me to fluff up your money cushion lest you slip on your Arab donor's money carpet and knock your eyeballs out their sockets again. And tell Bill I say 'hi' when he's done with blow job by his underaged aide."

"I just now wrote a check for 50 million to your foundation to guarantee a thousand will go to rebuild Haiti. I've been very concerned since the earthquake. These Clinton foundations sure do have a lot of expenses."

H: "What, bankruptcy filer and cheater of contractors? Have you finished your search for your next wife?"

"We're still waiting to see your tax records, Donald"

"We're still looking for 33,000 emails that belong to the United States citizens that you mistook for your own, Hillary."

H: "Have an orange, Donald, if it's not too big for your hands."

"Have another 100 million from foreign investors Hillary, and Russia need more American uranium."

The debates could be the best show in town. Could be.

My favorite part of Trump rallies is when the attendees chant without a cue but each person is waiting for an appropriate chance at some point of Trump discussing Hillary Clinton's high crimes of state where any one of the audience would already be in prison without recourse, meaning that the country we love is already corrupted and that is so because of Democrat party and all its support throughout government, that heretofore respected departments presently operate as banana republic, "Lock. her. up., lock. her. up., lock her up." And they mean it. And Trump pauses and lets them go through their chant, and they do this city to city to city to city all across the land. Self-feeding, that chant, crowds in each city displaying the exact same pent up frustration and disgust using the adopted chant. They actually do want to see Hillary in orange.

Chip Ahoy said...

She would die first. And that's fine with them too. I think that they sense individually if Trump is elected he will not pursue prosecution and although disappointing it's probably the right thing to do. I don't know why. Reversed, I do know that Democrats will stop at nothing. Their hatred is pure, sterling, 24 karat. And now Trump supports have reached that same point. They don't care anymore about propriety. They don't care that she's an old woman. They want to see her dead along with her family's dynastic ambition.

I also sense when they chant, "build. the. wall., build. the. wall...." and Trump assures, "Oh, we're going to build that wall alright. And Mexico is going to pay for it." Over and over and over again at each and every rally. They're like a tent revival. Some days at more than one rally a day. Translated to down to earth American English they are saying they want our immigration laws on the books respected and our borders protected by whatever means.

Area 54 is protected seriously and there is no wall.

Just regular perimeter fences around the base. But try to enter without being flown in from Las Vegas specifically all loaded up on a single plane and see for yourself what happens well away from the base. Now that is taking a border seriously. The talk and the chant and the affirmation is about a wall but it needn't be an actual wall. Although in certain hot spots it very may well be.