Wednesday, August 31, 2016

garden of delight.

Delightful mess is more true. It occurred to me later, the little girl pressing 7 in the elevator two floors above mine, that it could be that this is what interested her mother looking down at it and caused her to hold the elevator for unreasonably long. They could have shot up. That was the thing to do, but instead waited for me to hobble down the entire hallway. It would have made more sense for me to call another elevator, it would have been there in seconds. She wanted to introduce herself and she did. Her name is Amelia. I forget the child's name.

It's careless as possible. Nearly random. The nurseries had limited offering the day I went shopping for plants and I didn't care to keep going back. This was a one shot deal. Save for the bulbs ordered online not offered at the shops around here. They are plants that I know will work in this area. Things that I learned from Wade's funeral reception at his little house near the center of town, going by street numbers numerically, were it a target it'd be in the red bullseye very close to 0 and 0. An unexpected sight that surprised everyone of us that day and especially inspired me. Wade was far more careful than I am and far more knowledgeable too. My attempt is careless and it's still the best thing around. Honestly, no other balcony comes close to this. And it's all because of Wade. And women especially appreciate the effort. While men generally think,"eh."


MamaM said...
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MamaM said...

Sometimes it's the spirit of the thing, human or growing, that give people pause, prompts them to look or wait, and opens the door to brief moments of connection.

Jim in St Louis said...

I do not think it is 'eh'.

The caladiums look great- try them as cut flowers- they will last for up to three weeks.!

Julie Pascal said...

It all looks very lush. I like lush. My garden is starting to look a little better now it's raining some. The beginning of the summer was just bad for gardens here, even when I watered. My cactus didn't even bloom. They had buds and then the buds withered. How bad is that?

MamaM said...

That's bad. My petunias gave up around the first of Aug. Too much work for them to stay tender and keep blooming. I've been using cuttings from my deer resistant coleus for indoor color.

There are now three fawns, two of them twins, coming out to graze in our front yard in the afternoons. They're the reason so much of our good stuff has been eaten. The moms have apparently decided the thicket and small woods (with a creek running through it) that's between our house and the road, is a good place for a nursery, with our flowers and landscaping serving as their nearby food supply. By staying as close to the house as they do, they're safe from the coyotes that roam behind us. What could be more ideal? I've taken to setting out a deer block in the hopes they'll eat that before polishing off what's left of the arborvitae, but it's looking like a losing battle. I may need to accept them as moving flowers with spots.

Methadras said...

Chip, I have to admit, I know your posts by heart now in content and form and I avoid them like the plague because they'll suck me right in and I'll become obsessed.

Chip Ahoy said...

Mama M., I'd consider a nice garden statue, life size, to adorn your garden. Of a wolf.

That would fake out those deer, always nervous to begin with.

Let's see.

Waddya know, Walllmart. Sandcast, Sitting, 300.00. Eh, looks like Samoyed.

Let's try Amazon. Through Lem's magical Amazon portal, of course. This could go some distance in keeping Lem internet connected. Same thing $366.00

Laying down timberwolf $567

Now, this may seem expensive at first, but they're attractive on their own and wise investment protecting your garden for years. Forever.

Deer will not question why the thing never moves. They're just well pleased it doesn't move toward them.

I think animals are easily faked out by size and with no calculating sense of distance mid-size statues are a lot less.

I'd want a standing wolf. Or maybe coyote.

But I'd prefer a real bronze wolf, standing on four legs. And not howling at the moon because that's cheesy and no sound coming out.

There's another idea, motion activated wolf howl.

Amazon also has cardboard cutout. Ugh. But it'd work. I'm certain. It scares me just looking.

Here we are, menacing growling wolf named Toscano Call of the wild. s/b growl of the vicious.

I bought a very life-like mountain lion. Scares people when they walk in. I never used it as intended because I realized too late it might scare off hummingbirds and I don't want that so it's kept inside. I'm looking at it right now. A very good casting. I like it as art. Because I really dig mountain lions.

Let's see. It's not life size, but a very nice cat. This one, $80.00

Oh goodness, at this price you can buy a couple. Prowling

I'm already pissing my pants, and I know they're just statues.

I settled for a concrete iguana. It might be keeping away bees needed for pollination. The cucumbers are finally starting to flower and the iguana might be keeping them away. If bees are smart enough for predator avoidance, that is.

Contrary to all that, Fred liked the visiting deer and wanted to feed them apples. But his presence scared them off so he designed an apple feeder chute, a rain gutter, I think, to roll apples down to them when they appeared.

Until one day he came home from vacation and found a note crudely scratched with mud, "Where's our apples, asshole?" And decided deer are actually ungrateful pricks.

MamaM said...

While I appreciated the suggestions, these are smart deer that know how to talk in sign and con me into buying deer blocks and now expensive statuary.

I could however, use something more like a Concrete Dog that writes poetry. While it might not scare the deer away, it would at least warm my heart.