Monday, August 22, 2016

Life in a Democrat controlled city

Boy that hamburger sure fixed me up.

Here is a snapshot of life in a Democrat controlled city. It all happens in minutes.

I step outside and turn to the left, the hamburger joint takes up half the sidewalk as an outdoor bistro forcing foot traffic to squeeze single file. I am approached by three Mexican nationals who all great me personably each in their turn. The last one holds back from his group, grabs my left arm with his left hand and extends his soiled right hand to shake mine. I'm using two sticks to be steady and I lie by whispering I need my two hands to stand. "That's okay, good to see you Buddy, good to see you. You take care now." As if greeting an old friend.

Are these three guys drinking or what? I continue and turn left again, a young man scoots ahead and opens the door for me.

The clerk inside engages conversationally and unnecessarily prolonging contact, patiently explaining their online ordering.

I stand before my order is called and approach the counter.  Another customer, an older man who looks a bit like Popeye jumps up from the far side and crosses  the room to set his hand at the tray pushed toward me. "This yours?"


He takes my tray and carries to the table I picked out. He had been watching and sprang into action by his own impulse, sat back down minding his own business. Then later upon leaving he said, "See ya, Bud." I have no idea who these people are.

Why are these people so helpful? Why is everyone so friendly? So cheerful. So unaffected. Don't they know that our country is f'd? This in the span of one quarter block all happening in a matter of minutes.

I honestly do not understand people. I honestly do not understand how people can be so filled with good cheer.

Maybe it's me and not them. Could it be?

On Friday I hopped in the truck and went out to city limit to one of those tents that is set up for roasting Hatch chiles. It's one of those strange things they do around here. It took me long time to catch on to it. Mid day it happened I was the only customer there at the moment. The owners were ebulliently friendly and engaging. They offered me the discount that requires a coupon. I asked them if I may take pictures with the intention of showing them online. The owner cheerfully agreed. He said, "That's a great idea." I intended to take key shots of the roaster that resembles a large bingo cage over burner. It is an odd contrivance specific for chiles and it works very well for the job. They char the chiles and seal the bag so they sweat off tough outer layer and impart a roasted flavor. But the owner was so talkative interrogating my condition, asking what happened to me, when it happened, how old am I and how this is reminder to all to appreciate the blessings we have. He wanted to talk about his father and I could not break away, he was that engaging, boom, the chiles are done and I missed the chance to show the key element.

"I  want to take a picture."


I was thinking of photographing the place, how they spread things out. He actually poses and smiles. It was funny. He assumed I meant take a picture of him. So I did.

"Help him carry it out to his truck." 

"I got this." 

"I should have known. I should have known. You don't need any help. You don't want any help. A guy like you doesn't want any help. I should have known from our conversation. I should have known."

What's wrong with these happy helpful people? Don't they know that we're f'd?  

Could it be that it's me and not them? 

This really is life in a Democrat city. This city at least. Everyone is so satisfied. This is my experience here. People are cheerful and well adjusted. More so than myself.  And beyond that they are actually helpful. 

And now I must accept that is one of the blessings that counts.


Synova said...

Yeah, maybe we'd all feel much better about the world if we spent more time out in it and less time where we spend so much time...

Chip Ahoy said...

Also, I forgot to mention. Everybody is short.

Not just regular short, Munchkin short. I'm telling you, these humans are the cutest little things.

William said...

The little pricks are just pretending to be nice. They're just waiting for you to lower your guard. Then they'll strike........No misanthrope ever died of a broken heart. Sometimes they die alone and cheerless, but they die with more money and with more years than the cuddly.

Amartel said...

Ignorance is bliss and/or they're just nice people.

AprilApple said...

Politically - I think people are relieved it's over. I sense it too, living in a ultra-democrat controlled town. They know Trump is toast and it brings them comfort.

AprilApple said...

(it doesn't bring us comfort - it brings us total despair.) Yes - knowing people are blind to the loss of a once great nation to total corruption.... it's depressing. No way around it but to distract ourselves...

ricpic said...

Lucky for you your wallet pocket was buttoned when those three friendly Mexicans surrounded you.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I think it isn't necessarily life in a Democrat city. It is life in any area where decent people live and who want to help someone who may seem to need help. In our itty bitty Republican community people are naturally friendly, helpful, cheerful and go out of their way to just be nice.

I've always found that if you are open and nice to people you get better results and have a better day. Plus, there isn't any point in being stressed out about things over which you have no control. Politics and the decay of our Country being something that we personally have no control. Maybe together...but still why get so stressed out. Just proceed with your own life, help your neighbors, help the guy carry his tray, and look out for yourself. If everyone does this, the world would be a much nicer place.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

People get so excited over Hatch chiles.

They are good chiles, but they are basically just an Anaheim chile. Some are really hot, some are mild. They have very good flavor, but there are plenty of other chiles that taste great too.

For roasting, I prefer red bells myself, Italian style.

But I am glad everyone is nice to you. I guess. Usually if people are too nice or mentioning God too often, I reflectively check where my billfold is.

Unless they are Muslims mentioning Allah and seem agitated, then I check where my .45 is.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I have plenty of liberal friends and plenty of conservative friends. For the most part people are people. The more into politics you get the more crazier you get. So to some extent, it is good to step back from it a bit. If only to maintain your sanity.