Friday, August 26, 2016

private email, would be rude to read it.

So what.

Reply to: Anson Mills
Re: A shipment from order #39342 has been delivered.

I know. Thank you. 

You’re probably not going to like hearing this because online recipes call for cooking polenta a very long time. But I’m a bachelor and hungry and that will not do. 

I cook a small amount with 3x the water and a pinch of salt with butter for 3 minutes in the microwave. 

It must be stirred every 30 seconds. 

And that’s all. 

That was for testing. 

With no additions the flavor comes through brightly, brilliantly. 

Usually my polenta is further enhanced by whatever spices and additions strike my fancy that moment. 

The popcorn is loaded with butter and curry and top parmigiano. 

The cornbread has very good applewood bacon, onion, roasted Hatch chiles (the hot kind, it’s a thing they do around here.) and parmigiano again. 

I used too much liquid in the cornbread but all that was tossed together carelessly in haste. I’ll do better next time. 

These corn products of yours really are very good. 

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edutcher said...

Anson Mills? This is a company?

Somebody has a sense of history.

Anson Mills invented the cartridge belt as we think of it today and distinguished himself in the Indian wars, known for the cry, "Forward! If any man is killed, I will make him a corporal!".