Thursday, August 25, 2016

Beast of Burden

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Pardon me please. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hooo Boy, that was great. I feel so wonderful and light and my spirit uplifted. Okay, where did that come from?

Oh yeah, it went from Drudge to Los Angeles Times to their comments. Now there's the very last bastion of conservatism for you. Not. The article is about Hillary Rodham Clinton stretching the outer limits of fundraising and it is a negative article from beginning to end. One doesn't expect that. But there it is. That alone spells very bad new for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bad new indeed. Because when you are Democrat candidate for president, first in the nation for major party, and you lose the Los Angeles Times then that means it is very bad for you indeed. You have to be very bad for that. Her fundraising disgusts even them. The article is enjoyable itself for its sleaze. They never say 'greatest grifters in history. Ever.' Well, they do but by different words. Even the Los Angeles Times are disgusted and they say so. Even the celebrities reliably churning out money are disgusted. It's unsightly. They say, 'poor optics." Same thing.

It's like Hillary is addicted to crack. Money is crack to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Being around all those people with so much money does something to Hillary Clinton. And that she has learned that she can squeeze it out of them is like crack. She's addicted. She is addicted to celebrity, addicted to money, and she cannot stop herself no matter the toll, not even slow down, not even if it kills her. She's become good at it. As she sees that the end is nigh, one way or another, by loss of office, her last chance at the presidency, by loss of influence, by her own death or disability or old age, this is the end run and she cannot stop grabbing at money. She's on crack. There is no better way to put it.

But the best part of the whole thing is comments.

Thank you, Internet 2.0 for comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You're brilliant.

Comments make very clear that all of the readers of LATimes have had it up to their ears with Hillary Clinton and her money crack addiction and her unpunished crimes, and her irrepressible lying that has developed to psychosis, and all her monied sleazy friends, her sleazy squeazey friends domestic and foreign, sick of her Midas touch of corruption, and of her selling not just access to high office but services thereof, and of her careless handling of State secrets, and her deviant ways with private servers, and her and her family's ambitions, and their grifting. But the very best tippy-top part is the single commenter Beast of Burden peddling his legs off trying to desperately distract to Trump. Obviously paid because nobody cares that much for her to do that and do it so lamely. Half the comments are from Beast of Burden (with Groucho Marx avatar) who reveals himself by his name. I didn't read of word by him/her/it. That they're trying so hard is thing of beauty to behold. The desperation leaps from the page. Some commenters actually respond the Beast of Burden and those can be skipped too because they'll reference something it said. And the whole thing altogether is so very uplifting.


Thank you Beast of Burden, you goof, you made my whole week.

Good luck, Hillary Rodham Clinton, grab all the money you can. Before you die. Throw it on your bed and roll in it. From Little Rock to money bed. That's our Hillary Rodham Clinton. Such a pathetic sight. We're all watching you perish.

I've never enjoyed anyone's moribundity quite like this. But then, I've never see the likes of this. Who has? It really is quite something. This is historic. This is a global spectacle.

[Concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton's photograph displayed on the Army security seminar slide, one of Ace's commenters wrote, "I could cut diamonds with this schadenboner right now" and that captures the spirit perfectly. What an amazing turn of phrase.]


edutcher said...

The LAT seems to have taken a Conservative bent recently, witness a poll unique from all the rest (whether you buy it or not).

ricpic said...

I wonder whether the addiction to money is an addiction to reaching the top of the heap? Apparently it means EVERYTHING to the Clintons to join the Billionaires' Club, which, in their minds, would be like clearing the final hurdle. The only thing left would be her doing a Napoleon as president by crowning herself Empress Of The Americans.

edutcher said...

She was born into money.

Willie, of course, was the son of a slut who dumped him with anyone who would take him so she could pursue whatever cock aroused her at the moment, so money long ago replaced the maternal teat.

Both see it as a means to power.