Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How things work

Gawker.com is shutting down today, Monday 22nd August, 2016, some 13 years after it began and two days before the end of my forties. It is the end of an era. Blah bibitty blah blah, The Gawker domain is also being left behind in bankruptcy. This is the last post.

You never were anything more than crap. In its freshest purest smelliest form. Except more sanctimonious and a lot more smug. And your commenters even worse. Impossible to read. Far more impossible to enjoy. Far far more impossible to learn anything from.

Begone. Be flushed.

Goodness, the man does go on. I read paragraph after paragraph after paragraph after paragraph and gained nothing new at all.

Maybe you can get something out of Mike Denton's pathetic swan song. But then, nowadays my speed reading on sites like Gawker goes like this:

Skip, skip, skippity do dah, skippity skippity skip skip slide, glaze, skip, skip, skip, skippity skip skip skip, la la la, skip, skip skip, at places the like Gawker that offer nothing other than shining a dim witted light on their own arrogance and contempt for everything not superficially liberal. Fresh out of Yale.

We don't care what happens to their staff. We don't care who bought their bedpan site. We don't care how much the buyer wasted. We don't care about profitability. We don't care about anything the man has to say. We just don't.

What is a swan song anyway? Swans don't sing. And if swans did sing they'd sound out better quacks and squawks than Nick Denton and his justifications or any of his craptastic writers, every one! And a lot better than any of his obnoxious arrogant know nothing commenters. Goodbye, you pricks. Cannot say it's been nice knowing you.


chickelit said...

Dent Nickton wrote: Gawker.com is shutting down today, Monday 22nd August, 2016, some 13 years after it began and two days before the end of my forties.

Gosh, I hope he makes it to his 50's w/o doing even more damage to everything.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...


chickelit said...

What is a swan song anyway?

Swan songs are typically written as (a) final comment(s) before flouncing off.

William said...

I looked up the etiology of swan song. The ancient Greeks believed that the swan at the moments of death sang one last beautiful song. This is not true, and as far back as Pliny the Elder realists were telling the world it was not true. But people still believed it.........Most people go through life without seeing a single dying swan. The swan is a beautiful, graceful creature. If any bird could sing a sad lament to the transience of life, it would be the swan. So there it is: it's more fitting to believe in swan songs as opposed to swan croaks at the moment of mortality........The logical positivists posit that just because you've never seen a black swan doesn't mean that they can't exist. Perhaps the same thing can be said of swan songs. Maybe someday a swan will trill a dying fall that sounds like a Mozart woodwind.

edutcher said...

Happy B-day in advance.

AJ Lynch said...

Good bye I hardly knew you [tru dat-I don't think I ever visited their site].

ricpic said...

There were some sidesplittingly funny threads on Gawker. Just say'n.