Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Ha ha. I just now tuned into Trump rally at Everett, WA today. Comments are flying on the side so it's happening now. although it says 2 hours ago,  and the video opens with the crowd chanting "Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up" my most favorite chant ever. But his next sentence is "Sad. And that's after she was subpoenaed by congress to turn over her emails. She bleached her computer, she use a very expensive chemical ..."  Not an exact quote.

Now that's funny. Bleachbit was in the title of a post on Insty and I hadn't heard of it before so I made a vocabulary card for it. It's an open source program and that means that it's free. His advisors didn't even do a simple internet search. It sounds to me.

But none of that matters to his worked up supporters and that's doubly funny.

Nothing matters anymore.

Immediately before that on T.V. an anti-Trump ad ran featuring a gold star mother condemning Trump for using another gold star mum in his campaign. She's seen holding up a plaque.

I'm sitting here thinking, "Sorry, Dear. That doesn't work anymore. Your candidate lied to several gold star mums all at once. No, sorry for your loss, but you're doing the same thing you condemn." Now this will work for dyed-in-the-wool Democrats blind to Democrat high crimes of State but it won't work on anyone else. Begone!

Nothing you say matters anymore. Flail all you like. Flounce off in a huff flapping your arms in frustration and anger. Nothing, nothing matters anymore. Your party is sunk. And it's broken as badly as the Republican party is smashed.

And all of this creates in me a burgeoning feeling of tremendous joy. Gone is the apprehension that evil prevails. This is the aspect of America that is just stunningly beautiful.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

You made me think of John Turturro soaking his feet in bleach in The Night Of.

As usual, great post!

Orrey G.Rantor said...

Meh, I knew exactly what Trump meant with Bleachbit because as computer tech type, I've used it. Usually with free Linux based operating systems. But what can the average joe and jane American understand the best? Bleach and cleaning up a mess. It works perfectly as an analogy. If she hired someone to do it, maybe they were very thorough, which can take time and thus money. The basic DoD standard is 3 passes of rewriting effectively gibberish data over those spots on the drive to "erase" them.

Off the top of my head, the most popular ones for Windows or just in general are Eraser and DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke). That one is generally only used to "nuke and pave" a whole drive clean.

edutcher said...

I doubt he doesn't know what happened, but a lot of people don't know computers, much less open source, which fills the holes in Windows these days, so he turned one of the Beast's lies against her.

AprilApple said...

Her "like.. with a clothe?" - was a lie?

Hillary is a walking liar. The media are propping her up. Trump is making it easy for her to win because he is such a horrible candidate.

What's left to say. It's over.

Leland said...

Yeah, she didn't wipe it up with just a cloth. Nope. When you have blood like that to clean up, you use bleach. Out, out, damned spot!