Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Night Follies


Chip Ahoy said...

Sure is going to look even worse when Clinton haters scour hacked documents combing for damaging matches with her actual meetings. Can't' just give them the proof.

That would be like digging your own grave. Making your own coffin. Delivering your own eulogy.

Oh man I just had a flashback of my oh man.

What a character. What a meanie. What an author

What a bastard sometimes.

The woman neighbor who moved into a new house adjacent to his property was told by her realtor the large cottonwood tree at the boundary corner was hers .

The whole time she thought the great tree was on her property.

Naturally she freaked the f out when my dad cut it down with half a dozen others that lined the back when the water running through the creek at that edge was rerouted by a nearby golf course starving all the trees of their water supply. That type of tree always grows at water's edge. They drink up hundreds of gallons each day. Each tree more than a pack of elephants. The very large mature cottonwood trees all died a slow aching long dragged out death dropping limbs every day, especially in high wind, breaking the fences and threatening the roof. A few years of that and finally my dad did what he had to do. Yes, she properly freaked the f out.

(One day I'll tell you about my Alsatian who actually climbed the tree just to be with me. The dog would not be left out of anything. A real pal.)

She yelled at me. There was no discussing the matter. She was too cross for that. She yelled at me and didn't allow explanation, didn't allow any discussion, just pure rage, and concluded in high agitation, "I'll certainly be calling my lawyer immediately."

I said, "Good! Somebody rational to do your talking for you." I left her screaming behind me.

I never even met her before.

Dad came home and I told him, "The bitch ruined a perfectly good buzz."

In one minute he produced the document that proves the property line and the tree well within his property. He did the right thing. The hard thing. We loved those trees too, but he faced the hard reality. He paid the very steep cost of handling the problem. And I tell you he ended up with a S load of wood piled all over the back. A real sight to behold. Big fat logs. Tons of them. I mean TONS of logs. The trees were gigantic. Piles and piles of gigantic fat logs. It was outrageous.

"Dad, show the document to her so she'll calm down." I said sweetly. He had it right there. It would have been simple. It could have gone far in patching relations.

He goes, 'Fuck her."


"She yelled at you. Let her pay her lawyer to find her own goddamn document."

And I stood there amazed looking at him stunned thinking, "Man, you are cold. Cold. Cold. That's what you are."

He read my mind. He can read my face. He said, "You bet your ass I'm cold. She's got no business treating you like that."

And I'm all, "Go dad!

You bastard."

This concludes my flashback.

And that was a pleasant memory to be served up out of the blue. I love you, Dad. I do. You are great. Truly.

edutcher said...

Clearly, some at State are thinking about life under the bus.

ndspinelli said...

Drip..drip..drip..drip..drip. Chick is correct. To date, this has not hurt her in the polls. But, the cumulative effect will. This is a coverup of Nixonian scale. Only she is a Dem, not a Rep. Woodward and Bernstein don't exist for Dems.