Sunday, August 14, 2016

Denver Sunset

Short time lapse. The summer sunsets in Denver are mesmerizing, truly. They are not to be missed. We see clouds dissipate as they form, dropping rain in the distance that dries as it falls. They are Nature's own art such as inspires artists the likes of Maxfield Parrish. And this special weekend they have the additional celestial wonders of Pleiades meteors. Spectacular gifts for everyone equally with eyes to behold, if only you care to notice them.

Es mejor más grande.


edutcher said...

Is the young lady from a Wyeth?

Sixty Grit said...

Maxfield Parrish was the man - I get plenty of MP sunsets around here, along with the occasional Gainsborough.

If you are thinking of Christina's World, ed, look a bit closer at the painting - she is handicapped, lying on the ground, her limited mobility has reduced her world to one house and the surrounding property. Very different in feeling than a Parrish.

The one used by CA here has the model flipped, and in fact, the model was the granddaughter of Williams Jennings Bryan.

Thus endeth the art lesson.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I like Maxfield Parish too.

I like Wyeth and Christina's World too, but agree with Sixty that is a very different mood than MP.

edutcher said...

Sixty, you are a man of many moods. The second you said Parrish, I saw the trademark coloring.

Had a book full of Parrish illustrations when I was a kid and the style always stayed with me.

ricpic said...

That broad's going to end up with an aching back.

ricpic said...

You notice that there's never any real color in a Wyeth? Why's that? The guy's a washout! That's why.

Sixty Grit said...

Limited palette, as the painterly types say.

And if her back hurts it might be due to carrying around that cross of gold her granddaddy talked about. He was a bimetallist.