Saturday, August 13, 2016

Melissa Young

This item is old so far as swiftly evolving current events go but there is so much misapprehension propounded across the internet and so many lies and so much blind hatred and American news services so unreliable that it bears showing again. This occurred at one of Trump's rallies and on first viewing has the look of something that's been staged. I thought so then but since changed my opinion as more and more such incidents come to light.

Melissa was an entrant in one of Trump's beauty pageants. I had completely forgotten about those. I never did watch any when they were happening. She has an incurable disease, her prognosis does not look good at all, she had a "do not resuscitate" order as her conditioned worsened.

Trump sent her a handwritten note of encouragement that gave her strength during that discouraging period that helped her refocus on the needs of her family. She also thanked Trump for the fame that came with the pageant experience that helped her son secure a full scholarship.

I've had enough of internet videos with their obnoxious and unrelated advertisements so I'll give the link to The Gateway Pundit instead. The advantage is the uncharacteristic comments that note the original report cannot suppress their own doubt with qualifying locution: a supporter who claimed to be Miss Wisconsin.

101 comments to the item at Gateway are uplifting themselves.

I'm impressed. Not so much with Donald Trump's handwritten note, not with his unrecognized magnanimity, rather, deeply negatively impressed with how preconceived hatred is so blinding that it turns good people into intolerable monsters, and how sensible people conservative in all that they do allow political misdirection received from unworthy agencies to warp their spirit and distort their own personality.

This is one such contradictory item. There are many others and I have no doubt many more similar incidents that for privacy we will never know.

I hear both my parent's voices now admonishing, "Choose your friends wisely." A thing not so easy to do, because to choose you must first make friends by becoming friendly then decide if it's good to continue, and not eliminate friends based on breezy unchecked faulted premises such as all Democrats are good and all Republican are bad by definition.

My parents left out, "Don't be automatic haters. It makes you stupid and mean."

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XRay said...

Very nice post, Chip. Thanks. Good of you to explicitly point out the "preconceived hatred" that has been manufactured and so well nurtured by our MSM/DNC. I see it everyday all around me, very close to home. Hell, home. It's terrible. You can't have a decent conversation based on the merits of any particular issue because the base hatred is always there, lurking in wait, with fangs and claws ready to lash out.

Trooper York said...

Great story Chip.

The Trump story is a lot like someone I also thought was a great guy. George Steinbrenner. Yeah he could be an asshole. Yeah he could be nasty and brutish and crude. Yeah he could be a brutal businessman. Be a Narcissist. A douche bag.

Just like Trump he also could be a real altruist. He paid for college scholarships. He raised money for the families of cops who died in the line of duty. He did tons of stuff that was never publicized. The press hated him. They always demonized. In the end he put a lot of pelts on the pony.

I think Trump is going to do the same thing.

edutcher said...

I'd heard of this incident, first of all, and was like you very impressed.

Your other message is the more important, of course. It's easy to go with the crowd or just by a rep. To think it out takes much more effort.

ndspinelli said...

Nice story Chip. Here's a snippet that should bring a smile. Nancy Pelosi is getting obscene phone calls and texts w/ her cell phone # being hacked. Made my day.

chickelit said...

The problem a priori with this great display of Trump's magnanimity is that a beauty pageant was involved. Hillary-women cannot muster empathy for a woman who so shamed the sisterhood.

chickelit said...

I'm assuming that the average Hillary-woman is the intellectual heiress of Andrea Dworkin.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Thank you Chip.