Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CNN Chris Cuomo, "We're the biggest ones supporting her campaign"

This is old but still quite relevant,  June 2014, Chris Cuomo  is explaining that by delaying announcing her run for the presidency that Hillary was "freezing pockets" meaning donors would be holding back for her announcement making their money unavailable to other candidates. Then in a giddy moment of unchecked honesty Cuomo admits that they have been giving Hillary a free ride all along and that they are Hillary's biggest supporters.


edutcher said...

Anybody forced to sit through CNN knows that.

ndspinelli said...


Methadras said...

Every republican or conservative that gets in front of a mic on a television camera should be saying this one thing and one thing only, "The US Media is a state run arm of government and the leftists like Hillary. They support only the national and global leftist ideology." that's it. Drop the mic. Move on.