Saturday, June 3, 2017

What subculture do you genuinely not understand?

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People who are obsessed with and idolize killers.

Feeders, the ones who love getting women obese.

Plastic surgery. Some people really do overdo it, like the human Barbie.

Flat earthers

Facebook salespeople.

Vore. I thought it was a fake thing. It is a real thing.



Leland said...

Former Disney child stars

ndspinelli said...

Dungeons and Dragons nerds,

William said...

Subculture? I don't even understand the dominant forces in our culture. Rap music has now been around longer than rock, and I don't think I've ever listened to a single rap song........My internet porn browsing history, while not so depraved as yours, is, nonetheless, fairly decadent. That said, there are many forms of sexual expression, seemingly with a wide fan base, that I find either icky or bewildering. Many of these expressions didn't exist or were never heard of for most of my adult life. Is squirting some kind of devious scheme initiated by Bed, Bath and Beyond to move merchandise. Bukkake? How many things have to go wrong in your childhood for you to want to participate in something like that?.......I wonder if our newfound tolerance of homosexuals has something to do with the fact that there are far weirder perverts who walk among us.

edutcher said...


ricpic said...

In most cases it's not what a subculture does that is not understandable, it's the degree to which that particular activity defines those in the subculture. Take foodies. Who doesn't look forward to a great meal, an out of the ordinary meal from time to time. But to become obsessed with what one puts in ones mouth every meal? That's grotesque.

Chip Ahoy said...

That reminds me, my pizza last night came out looking gross.

I used the best mozzarella too. And a lot of it. Covered the whole thing with one of those cheese balls.Then the cheese melted and bubbled up and engulfed all the other ingredients turning whole top white and looked like a mess. Seriously messed my baking stone too.

And then I was reminded of my brother saying he prefers the hard mozzarella imitation mass marketed kind over the authentic kind.

Now that's just plain weird.

But it would have worked better for my pizza.

I still have half the aged dough left for another try today. I bought double the ingredients. And I do have both mass marketed and authentic mozzarella. So I'm torn. Should I use the worse kind of mozzarella or the best kind of mozzarella?

I know what an authentic pizza place would do. They'd use the hard stuff. Cheaper and more manageable and more attractive.

Why not obsess about what you put in your mouth? Take care with that or else someone might feed you their dick. Then what? You'd be a homo thereafter. NTTATWWT, of course, but still, you might not want that label attached to yourself. And the advantage is that you tend to filter the stuff marketed for convenience and reconnect with life and food before that great commercial fake out developed so pervasively. The idea you can make your own cookies is simply astounding. And bread. And find USDA prime cuts over grocery store offering.

Foodies is just another word for sensible people. Their obsession is only well developed practical habits.

I wish my mum had been a foodie. In her way she was. She was at the forefront of convenience foods and she had trust in society, while that entire industry grew out of control and cut the connection between consumer and authentic food to tremendous disadvantage and serious accumulative health disruption. It never occurred to her that Hamburger Helper is pure horseshit. And Hot Pockets are much better homemade. And waffles are insanely easy to do and amazingly versatile but not intended for toasters.

Methadras said...

ndspinelli said...
Dungeons and Dragons nerds,

WTF man? :D