Monday, June 26, 2017

"Trump-Russia ties may work against Dems"

Via InstapunditMonths of harping on President Trump’s purported ties to Russia may end up backfiring on Democrats as the White House turns the focus to former President Barack Obama’s failure to address Russian hacking, operatives from both sides said.

On ABC’s “This Week” yesterday, Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway cited a Washington Post report detailing Obama’s modest response and public silence about evidence of Russia’s intent to hack U.S. election systems, with an anonymous Obama official admitting “we sort of choked.”

“I have a hacking question for the Obama administration: Why did you, quote, ‘choke’ in the name of one of their senior administration officials? Why did you do nothing? Why didn’t you inform candidate Trump?” Conway told host George Stephanopoulos. “I know you thought Hillary would win, but how could you not reveal important information about Russia hacking? ... I think the previous administration has a lot of questions to answer given this Russian obsession by everyone.”

Trump tweeted mockingly yesterday, “Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie!”


edutcher said...

Well, of course.

He had more flexibility then.

AllenS said...

I should hope so.

Leland said...

I thought the whole point was to hide the Hillary/DNC/CNN collusion by saying "look there, squirrel". I'd say it worked with their base, mostly. It also worked with some GOP members like McCain. But not so much for the Deplorables.

Amartel said...

They've spent the last 6+ months burning what's left of any good will.

Rabel said...

I'm hoping that Sessions and his crew are working quietly behind the scenes making up the nooses with which he can hang a few of these mothefuckers. I'm also hoping for a pony this Christmas.

Trooper York said...

Bernie and his wife are under FBI investigation. Something that was totally ignored by the Sunday shows.

Loretta Lynch and Comey are next in the cross-hairs.

Sessions better not lose his nerve.

edutcher said...

Trump is kinda busy with the big stuff right now.

Plenty of time to fit up some worthies for orange jumpsuits.