Sunday, June 25, 2017

heavenly pizza

You don't have to die for heavenly pizza.


Lem said...

Pizza taste best after it just comes out of the oven. However, it was so hot it burned my palete and it took days to heal.

BTW I just learned the roof of the mouth is called the palate. I heard people refer to the palate before, but I always thought it had to do with your taste buds or something, not the roof of the cavity.

Thanks ChipA

Lem said...

I should get in the habit of looking up my thoughts.

chickelit said...

Stairway to heavin'

Chip Ahoy said...

Originally I had the stairs and pizza going upward then I thought, why would heaven get pizza? So dropped the gif file back into Photoshop and reversed the frames. I made the best pizza ever today. And enough dough and ingredients for tomorrow as well.

Or maybe day after tomorrow. I have a strong urge to adjust Mexican shrimp cocktail into a chunky liquid salad without lettuce.

Rabel said...

"why would heaven get pizza?"

Because it's Heaven, Dude.