Monday, June 26, 2017

Why does this guy have a press pass....or better yet why is he allowed to live?

CNN Reporter Complains About Being Blackballed After Spending Press Briefing Interrupting Spicer

Daily Caller by Alex Pfeiffer June 26, 2017

WASHINGTON — CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta spent the White House press briefing Monday rudely interrupting White House press secretary Sean Spicer.
Acosta has been complaining about the White House’s increased use of off-camera briefings, and instead of waiting to be called on like other reporters Monday, he decided to shout out his questions. The Daily Caller counted a total of five interruptions during the briefing.
Spicer called on a reporter who had raised her hand and Acosta interjected himself and asked if President Trump believes the health care bill in the Senate is “mean.” Spicer replied, “There’s no camera on Jim.” Acosta then repeatedly asked, “Why don’t you turn the cameras on?” Spicer then apologized to the reporter Acosta was interrupting.

Acosta’s subsequent interruptions inquiring about the briefing being untelevised were likewise ignored by Spicer.  The White House press secretary said in a radio interview last week that he prefers the off-camera briefings as reporters “want to become YouTube stars” when the cameras are on.
(So this jerk-off kept shouting over Spicer as he had called on another reporter. He was just a rude entitled prick. You  know. A journalist. He was demanding that Spicer call on him and CNN. He was demanding that they televise the briefing so he can look like a tough guy. Well lets show him how a tough guy operates. Throw him the fuck out of the White House altogether. Tell CNN that they have lost their press privileges. Totally. If the other outlets want to walk let them. Only do non televised briefings. Period. Just like the old days when FDR and Truman had press conferences. Actual talented reporters ask substantive questions without grandstanding and playing to the cameras. Let's go back to that. If the current group of Nancy boys can't handle that then so be it.
Or we can give Acosta and the rest of the scumbags at CNN two behind the ear.  I am ok with that. They have started shooting our congressmen. We need to start shooting back.
But lets start with banning them and throwing them out of the White House. You can let an asshole like this shout and disrupt a press conference where other people are trying to do their jobs. Stick it to them. Hard. Show some balls. Now. Not later. No half measures. Now is the time.)


edutcher said...

I believe the phrase, "delusions of adequacy", covers it.

Amartel said...

CNN burns still more credibility and good will.
It kills me that this gets discussed on tv like Acosta and the press are somehow entitled to on-camera hearings - to fill up cable news midday programming discussions - though Trump/Spicer "may" have a point that "some" journalists need to "tone down" their on-camera antics. Jeez, the office of the president needs to bend the knee to the midday programming needs of cable news outlets and YouTube hatemongers? It's one of those inside-beltway presumptions that just does not translate out in the wider world.

Trooper York said...

I don't think they realize how much they are hated by normal Americans. They don't have a clue.

Which is why I predict violence. Very soon. Very bad.

Leland said...

They'll know when people start vandalizing the TVs at airports.

Chip Ahoy said...

Drudge has an item at top corner: ZUCKER: Viewers trust more than ever...

I have no idea what their numbers are, nor who bothers watching them, but sound 100% delusional.

And the linked article goes to Page 6 where comments are disallowed, and that's where the real action is at. So why bother with them either? It's the whole point of Internet 2.0. But they cannot have their writers corrected or contradicted or further informed so f the whole lot.

Where Trumps simple tweets are all the delicious nourishment I need. Like a steady daily stream of healthful desserts.

Let me mention something off topic more pleasant than this stinking pile of crap.

After you guys mentioned "No Place for Old Men" and how excellent that film turned out to be I went looking for things that might be similar and found a show on Netflix called "Longmire" along similar lines minus the intense psychosis. It's about an elder Wyoming lawman and the acton around his sparse area. It involves a lot of interaction with native Americans and focus on more conflict than I had imagined existed up there. Each episode is a new case with recurring characterization development. Family conflicts and such. It's very well done in my opinion and looking up the phrase "kicking ass and chasing trim" I learned that the show has quite an online fan presence. All references to the phrase that I found are from the show. Except a few, that I couldn't make sense of. I never did get a direct explanation. We're supposed to intuit it means the same thing as chasing tail. Where no actual animal tail is involved. How "trim" serves as euphemism for "caudal area" is left to imagination.

Weird, looking up a phrase and results refer to the show that I'm watching. It's like circular, Man.