Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Europeans learn to live with _ and adapt to _ terror attacks"

Via Drudge:  The jihadis' targets in Europe are depressingly repetitive: the Brussels metro, the Champs-Elysees in Paris (twice), tourist-filled bridges in London (twice) and a U.K. rock concert. And that's just the past few months.

The steady stream of attacks on centers of daily life have drawn pledges from Europeans not to let terrorists change how they live, but in ways large and small they already have

There is a heightened awareness and quicker reactions, especially in the hardest-hit countries of France, Britain and Belgium, that would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago....

Tensions are high enough in central Paris that on Thursday the quick-response police unit reacted to a witness' phone call about a man wearing a sidearm by tackling him on the street, only to learn that he was a ranking member of the anti-terrorism squad, according to French media....

After suicide bombers in 2005 struck trains and buses during a busy London morning rush-hour, scores of commuters started riding bicycles to work. That method of transport has its own problems in London — with the number of annual cyclist deaths a rising concern.

Three of the four recent attacks, however, have involved the use of a vehicle as a weapon — much like the deadly 2016 Nice attack in France that killed 87 people.

"I suppose I could try taking a boat to work, but before long I'm sure they would attack those too. So I'm just taking my chances," said Rohan Chansity, a 34-year-old finance worker in London.

Parents and teachers are talking to children more about being observant — a skill often lost on a gadget-obsessed generation.

A suicide bomber blew himself up last month at Manchester Arena, killing 22 people, mostly young concert-goers.

"We talk about being observant, looking for exits, making sure you're around a responsible crowd - but in the end, it's not like I'm going to keep her from going to concerts," said Moira Campbell, 45, who has a 15-year-old daughter.


edutcher said...

They're not adapting, just knuckling under.

When the terrorists (and I mean the Indians) went after people here, Americans emulated the Indians' ways of fighting and eventually beat them at their own game. They also bent the wilderness to their will, something the Indians were never able to do.

When the Frawgs find their own Robert Rogers, if the Limeys can come up with a new TE Lawrence, then they'll adapt and kill the crazies.

PS Didja see where the importation of Moslems is down 50%?

chickelit said...

The Crows gather.

Chip Ahoy said...

*SLAM* That DOES it!

*looks up Robert Rogers and TE Lawrence.*

Methadras said...

Euros have rolled over. Period. Multi-culti PC has owned Europe. They are finished.

rcommal said...

Well, thanks be to God that the Brits never had to undergo all of that terrorism from the Irish a few decades back, and also thanks be to God that the Brits never went through both WWI and WWII, and, for just one example with regard to the latter, the Blitz.

Limeys, indeed. Crows indeed. Y'all betray yourselves for what you are and those whom absolutely should not be trusted.

rcommal said...

In this country, there was, um, some terrorism going on by all sorts of so-called activists way back in day, too, as well you all know. Not one single of you has ever, ever, ever been able to school me on that one, because I learned it something akin to 30 years before I ever met even any single one of you online.

There is a reason why I have tended conservative, or at least what used to be seen as the likes of that, in national politics since I was in late elementary school/earliest middle school.

Now--bless your hearts--it surely must be that I must rethink all of that, principles and all.

rcommal said...

Because you guys know everything, and I know nothing. Have I got that right?


Complete bullshit.

Rabel said...

"The Crows gather."

I think those are Ravens.

Sixty Grit said...

Stark ravin', as near as I can tell.

Rabel said...

Nobody but you and me gets the reference.

chickelit said...

I was referring to Hitchcock.

Lem gets it.

rcommal said...

Lem gets it.

No doubt that he does. But then, unlike you, chickelit, I don't know Lem; I don't even know who is that person driving this blog underneath that handle of Lem.