Friday, June 30, 2017

CNN Producer: Voters "Stupid as Sh*t"

Link to video


windbag said...

They are. Eight years of the jug-eared Jesus and almost President Hildebeast.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I think it's interesting that the go-to insult of our culture is "stupid" or some variation thereof. It's pretty easy to imagine that in the past the go-to insult was something like "dishonest" or "profane" or something else. Something that's not related a person's ability to accumulate and process factual information.

I blame compulsory education.

Lem said...

Trumps battle with Mika and Joe is giving the media a way out of covering this.

edutcher said...

No, this will go viral.

Leland said...

It gives the media an easy thing to cover, but its not like anybody in the media ever covered CNN helping Hillary in the debates. Between saying a woman is bleeding, calling half the population stupid, and helping a corrupt politician by being corrupt; I think the latter is the most noteworthy. Trump didn't twit anything when that happened, but the media made up this Russia nonsense to not cover their own collusion.

Chip Ahoy said...

My favorite part of this whole thing is, "Did you get the location this time, Paul Farhi, at the Washington Post?"

My least favorite part of the whole thing is the ceiling of gay bar that James chose for their confab. Worst interior design I've ever seen.

Duck Duck Go images: Decorate ceiling with rebar. Every example shown is better than that.

OOOoooooo, that George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Twangy twingy twang twang, thump thump thump thump, twangy twingy twang twang, Oh I'm bad to the bone. Oh I'm bbbbad to the bone. Twangy twingy twang twang. Dog sits next to him.

Even without this interview, the whole of CNN doesn't realize they are shitting their own bed. Expect to see this video referenced in some random Trump tweet where in scant words Trump takes a shovel and smacks their collective face giving us another few days of discussion.

Cut cable a long time ago along with so many others to rid our lives of their nonsense. Plus incremental increased rates for the incremental increased aggravation, to breaking point. To us they do not exist. Having them brought back to us makes these people internet ghosts. What I'm seeing is a seance held in a deplorably decorated gay bar. They're brought back to our attention by people who still do bother to watch them as necromancers. Bed shitters, all. And that goes for Fox as well. Like newspapers their industry is moribund, the rug being pulled from under them, and they're shaking it down for all that its worth.

Why did I say gay bar twice?

Because James Carr describes Trump as not Republican (We KNOW that, Stupid. It's why he was hired) As not caring about abortions arrogantly presuming to know by projection that through three wives Trump certainly recommended abortion, and finally not caring about gay rights as if his own preferred candidate does care when all of us saw with our own eyeballs that care "evolve" cynically for political positioning. That's not even a thing. It's not a thing for the people who hired Trump. What a complete fucktard, the whole lot of them to perceive cynicism in opponents but not their own professional lives, their own attitude made of it entirely, as this conversation shows. Yes, we cut these people out a long time ago. They are not part of our lives.

To settle ill feelings stirred by this negative video I must now pray.

Lord, it's me again, Chip.
Lord, please smite these surly bastards.
Mow them down like tansy asters.
Yank their rebar from its plasters
Lay their Guinness beer to waste
And Lord, please do these things with haste.
Thank you, amen.

William said...

If Veritas aired a video of a CNN producer killing a baby, the other media (Fox excepted) wouldn't touch it. CNN would claim that it was a post gestational abortion and that Veritas was trying to close down a woman's right to choose.

William said...

Or they'd claim selective editing. Veritas didn't show all the annoying, crying babies whose throats the producer slit.