Friday, June 30, 2017

Press shows why Trump laughs at them. What a bunch of jerk offs.

This is the American Press. Talk about embarrassing America. All I hear is liberal cucks in the media talking about how Trump's tweets are embarrassing America. What a crock of shit.

Nothing is worse than the media. They must be destroyed.


chickelit said...

No need for outright destruction of the press -- they are being replaced.

I'm tempted to bore you all with a "chemistry" post describing the two basic ways that substitutions happen: The first is when something falls apart into two or more pieces. Then something else, a "chemical bystander," gloms onto one of the fragments. The second way is when something comes along and actively nudges something out and takes its place. The news media is experiencing the latter. An inversion of politics will occur as well as predicted.

edutcher said...

They can't believe Trump fights back. Nobody's dared do that since Nixon.

They're outraged. How dast he?

And he always seems to win. How can that happen? He's not one of them and they're smart; everybody who opposes them are stupid. They're the right-thinking people.

ricpic said...

Carthago Delenda Est.

I think that applies. But just in case it doesn't could somebody give me a pat on the head? I badly need a pat on the head.

My friend, who I've been avoiding for the past two years, called me and as usual he's up against it financially. I can't stand it when he starts draining me but by the same token I feel guilty as hell if I don't give him something. Not that it will change a thing if I do. It's awful.

AllenS said...

"You guys are getting worse." Love it.

Sixty Grit said...

I give money to people I like, no problem. It's just piled up around here like cord wood so what the hey. But annoying people - they can do without my largess. Also, redheaded women move to the head of the line.

Leland said...

Simple solution to what we just saw. Obama only allowed his own White House photographer. The media had no problem with it. Make it so.

Fr Martin Fox said...

OK -- THAT was a good move on President Trump's part.

edutcher said...

It's the whole "How dast thou?".

They've been allowed to eun wild for so long, they think it's their right.