Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mika Brzezinski bleeding

What a great way to wake up to news. As you know, this was headlined on Drudge this morning, now moved down to the third row.

Click bait wording. And it worked very well. There is no relation between this and Megyn Kelly. 

The link goes to the Daily Beast. But that's not where I went. Instead, I went to Trump Twitter to see if and what he had to say about this himself. I was hoping he would. And he did. And nothing political could fill my heart with more glee. Because it's worse than I had imagined. 

Ouch. That hurts all the way over here. In Japan they're going, "Etai-yoooooo!" 

Well before being elected POTUS Trump let it known he regards all journalists as cockroaches and said so outright, and by his direct treatment, and here we see him smashing one with his shoe. Brzezinski really is a nutter and she really has been carrying on ridiculously. So I gather, having never watched their program all the way through. Their rantings are so unhinged they're brought to our attention even though we cut cable to rid of lives of them and their ilk. 

Cockroaches? Now really. See one of the best PJ Media articles ever written. Roger Simon's "Waiting for Donald." Simon's description of pre-POTUS Trump is depressing for journalists and uplifting for everyone else who doesn't already despise Trump. 

And yet these two Trump tweets actually bother quite a lot of old fashioned Republicans. The Ace of Spades write up this morning is discussed on Instapundit and seized upon by his commenters. They couldn't wait to express their displeasure and they have thousand reasons why it's not good. Possible one reason, they don't like Trump or anything that he does, and break that down to a thousand sub reasons as one speaking to their analyst about their ex-wife. 

I read so far as two anti Trump concern trollers in comments and called quits on the whole effort. Why bother? We already know everything they have to say. We all do. They're a broken record at this late point. Let them stew in their own misery. For I am nobody's analyst.

Incidentally, you know from following Trump's Twitter accounts yourselves these two soul-crushing wonderful to behold, and especially wonderful to wake up to tweets, are between more substantial tweets keeping his followers up on his work with national gravitas; Democrats misstating Medicaid figures, meeting American energy with key people, No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, sugar deal with Mexico, Kate's Law, Mathis remarks about Syrian chemical attacks. So insisting that a few aggressive counter attack tweets that crush an absurd unhinged woman that has an audience and that reveal Mika Brzezinski had a face lift and both she and Joe Scarborough went begging for position at Mar-a-Lago for three days prior to New Year take the air from the sails of more important matters of State are false on the face of it. That argument only works on other Never Trump types. MSNBC and other Left outlets' continuous caterwauling on everything Trump is as dangerous to America if not more so as any outside attack. 

I'm convinced again. This was the best election of my lifetime. I'll not see anything more jolting nor anyhing more properly realigning again. 


edutcher said...

See, that's the issue.

Most politicians call a lot of reporters by their first names. Even when they aren't friends, they want them to be their friends.

Trump gets it. He knows they'd slash their mother's throat for a byline, so he doesn't trust them and doesn't like them.

He and the public see eye-to-eye.

And a big "Ohio", Chip.

Leland said...

I'll admit at first, like the first week or two; having forgotten what it was like when W was President. The media getting excited the he almost choked on a chip. Filming anyone who would burn an image of W in effigy. And the left making it clear they didn't care if he lived or died, because after all, he was Hitler!

After awhile, it just got worse than anything I recall during the Bush years. I think it would have been just as bad if not for 9/11. After all, instead of Russian stole the election, we had selected not elected, but they already knew the Supreme Court had decided.

Then it dawned on me. Reagan was treated just like Trump. And like Trump, Reagan had no problem fighting back at the press. And Reagan didn't always have the support of supposed Republicans, hence his 11th Commandment. The Press wanted Reagan to die. Hell, I remember one of my high school teachers discussing Tecumseh's curse and how Reagan defied it when he didn't comply with Hinckley tried to kill him. And who can forget the constant refrain that Reagan was going to lead us into WWIII and kill us all, perhaps the Day After next? And Reagan played with them, like his open mic joke about attacking Russia.

I'm not sure yet if Trump is the next Reagan or better than Reagan. But the more he is attacked for being Trump; the more I'm reminded of Reagan.

edutcher said...

There's that pattern, to be sure, but nobody is calling Trump a doddering has-been.

Reagan saw politics as the art of the possible and, if you didn't mess with him, all was cool.

For Trump, politics is not only war, but The War - Armageddon. The battle between Good and Eeeevilllle.

And he know what's best in life.

ricpic said...

Are all your windows open? Is the mild air of a summer's eve wafting through the house? Ah......summer.

Plus an impish tweet from Trump. What more do you want? Well, a lot more but that's all you're gettin'!

Lem said...

There must be some strategery behind the tweets.

edutcher said...

Always is.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I am all for fighting and being confrontational. I am very much for that. So I am fine with Trump doing that.

But, that doesnt mean everything pugnacious thing he does is smart or helpful.

Before the Comey firing, I was trying really hard to look for the clever, six-dimensional chess strategy. After the self inflicted wound of the Comey firing, I decided that sometimes his punches are clever, sometimes lucky, and sometimes dumb. If he asked my advice (hah!), I would suggest more planning to avoid fewer dumb. Luck is great when it is for you, but not a strategy. More smart, please.

By smart, I mean it helps him pass legislation, get appointments confirmed, and above all, lays the groundwork for big wins in 2018. I dont see how these tweets about Mika and Joe do that. But I am open to hearing an argument. But if you accept my challenge and set out to make one, be forewarned, I will ask you a lot of questions.

Trooper York said...

Trump uses his tweets to talk directly to the people. That is what drives the news media and the cuckservative Republicans insane. They want him to sit back and take it like a gentleman. Like Bush did. Like a fool.

Douchebag Joe and Mika the whore tear into Trump everyday in the most vile way. So they got some back.

If I were the press secretary I would just say "Mika shouldn't worry about tweets...she should worry if another dead intern is going to show up in Clueless Joe's office."

Trooper York said...

Father you are a good and holy man.

Donald Trump and I are not. The vast majority of the deporables are not. You have to fight fire with fire.

An eye for an eye.

The President and I are both more Old Testament guys than New Testament.

rcocean said...

People just don't get it. As the Joker would "Why so Serious?"

Trump can multi-task. He can get elected POTUS AND attack Rosie.

He can get Healthcare reformed AND tweet about Mika.

He played a practical joke on the MSM and Comey about "tapes" and some people still don't get the joke - or why it was played.

Trump has now created a situation whereby no one will watch "Morning Joe" and hear them attack Trump and think its a legitimate journalistic attack. Of course it NEVER was. But this makes it clear. And Joe and Mika are going to respond tomorrow, which makes it even more clear.

I'm sorry, that some want to go back to a dignified DC, where our Representatives and the POTUS and the MSM all got together and worked for the good of the country. But the Democrats and MSM stopped doing that years ago. The Republicans can fight back, or they can be a punching bag. But being "Gentlemen" and "above it all" isn't going to get them anywhere.

Crying "Can't we get along?" only works when the Left actually wants to get along. Which they don't.

Trooper York said...

The way it helps him pass appointments is that the cowardly Republicans will worry that Trump will turn his tweet cannon on them.

Every news person is clutching their pearls over these tweets. It is not going to affect Trump at all. His fans expect this. They wanted this. They voted for this.

The coal miners who got their jobs back are laughing. The people who have jobs in fracking and oil pipelines are laughing. Real regular Americans are too busy making a buck to care about Mika's of the bleeding face. She is just a Real Housewive of MSNBC.

It will all be forgotten by Monday.

Trooper York said...

The left is actually shooting our Congressmen. But still the cucks want us to bow down to them and play nice.

Those days are over.

Donald Trump is not John Quincy Adams. He is Andrew Jackson.

He is not Robert E Lee. He is William Tecumseh Sherman.

He is not Bob Hope. He is Andrew Dice Clay.

It is what we voted for. It is what most of his voters wanted. I don't understand why anyone is surprised.

rcocean said...

The Comey firing wasn't a "Self-inflicted" wound anymore than killing a snake in the grass is.

There was no good time to fire Comey. Fire him in January and you would have had a storm over why Trump was getting rid of him without even knowing him. And Trump couldn't fire him without a AG or DAG to advise him.

Trump was naive. He thought the Democrats were telling the truth when they were attacking Comey in March and demanding he be fired because he cost Hillary the election (supposedly).

Now, we know Trump was NEVER a target of the investigation and Comey REFUSED to say that publicly. Instead, in his last public FBI director testimony he gave the impression Trump was still under investigation. "Ooh, I can't answer that question about the POTUS in public, Senator, that question can only be answered in a classified, super-secret congressional hearing".

He did the same crap with Sessions in his June testimony. "Ooh, I can't answer that question about Sessions because of information that can only be disclosed in private"

And it turns out he had nothing.

Trooper York said...

I think the whole FBI is Court. Did you hear the real reason why the FBI went after General Kelly?

Assistant Director McCabe whose has a wife who is a hard core Democrat politician was involved in a sexual harassment case where Flynn testified for the woman who claimed harassment along with several other generals and admirals who knew her. After that McCabe went after Kelly.

It is about to come out in a big way.

That is what Trump needs to tweet about.

rcocean said...

He is not Robert E Lee. He is William Tecumseh Sherman.

We have "antifas" aka communist, fascist assholes threatening to desecrate Confederate graves in Gettysburg and where's the outrage? We have left-wing mobs driving anyone to the Left of Obama off College campuses. We have people trying to murder Republican congressmen.

That's how crazy Left things have gotten and no one seems to realize it. No, they're all upset at the REACTION to the Left. Mike/Joe dump shit on Trump 15 hours a week, and no one cares. Trump tweets and its the end of civilization.

rcocean said...

Assistant Director McCabe - yeah, I'd love to know who appointed him. I suspect it was Comey.

Trooper York said...

The sexual harassment thing is dynamite. It is perfect to attack the FBI and destroy. Lets see the Democrats wiggle out of that one. Protecting a sexual harrasser by destroying a patriot.

It needs to be destroyed. It has become as corrupt as the CIA. Trump needs to close it down and start over.

Put street cops and real field agents in charge. Fire the pencil pushers.

Amartel said...

Some people just need to reconnect with their sense of humor.
Why so serious?
To coin a phrase from the Joker.
Why is it so important to protect the delicate egos of a couple of TV buffoons who constantly berate the President in the most derogatory and vulgar terms? Not to mention all the lies and fake news.
It's unprecedented? I don't think this precedent is relevant! We elected a TV President. That's our guy now, that's how he operates, it's not going to change. Such an improvement over the last guy who was all suave and cool to our face and all lies and hostility behind our backs - with the enthusiastic assistance of the very people who are soooo offended by Trump's in/to your face ways. They're so self-important that they've turned Presidential deference to their shenanigans into a precedent and mocking their faux importance into a breach of that precedent. Ooohnoooo. He's making fun of us! Shocking and unprecedented! Someone might find out we're not really elite at all!!
Well, good. It's about damn time.

Amartel said...

The visual of these two needy twits showing up 3 nights in a row at Maralago begging for an audience and being TURNED DOWN is comedy gold.

Amartel said...

I like President with a sense of humor. It's relatable. People outside the D.C. tank get it. Remember Bush in that debate with Gore? Gore was such a doofus and attempted to be a "man" and get in Bush's face during the debate and Bush just slayed him in a completely unscripted moment that let everyone know who was really in charge. I wish he'd done more of that. He was fully capable of thinking on his feet and delivering a knockout line but rarely did. I think he was held in check by advisers but also by this notion that he was obligated to rise above such things. The press ran amok during his admin and he never tried to talk past them. Big mistake.

Amartel said...

Authenticity is everything.

AJ Lynch said...

I would add that Mika and Joe are prototypical DC Swamp Creatures.

Mika has been there all her life since her father was the failed fraud Sec of State for Jimmy Carter.

While beady-eyed Joe was elected to Congress 20 -25 years ago and has never left the Swamp.

Jim in St Louis said...

Yeah but....Fr. Fox expresses about where I stand. Did not vote for Trump, still look at him like a bizarre and wild child- like Honey Boo-Boo or something. I admire and respect all his choices for cabinet positions, Love the SCOTUS appointment and hope for another one (or two) just as good. Lots of other 'wins' that please me and I'd like to see four years of that.

I suppose rationally it makes no difference to me if one TV celebrity fights and feuds with another TV celebrity. So yeah, entertaining in a weird Jerry Springer type way. But I just hope this does not distract from the real business of governing. (which for the record- I'm NOT bitching about)

Jim in St Louis said...

And I'm ashamed of myself for getting into the hot-scoop-gossip but I really want to know if she did have work done, and if they actually were at Mar-a-logo for 3 nights in a row trying to schmooze with the Pres. That would be funny.

Rene Saunce said...

There's sense of humor and there's lame ass tweeting.

Leland said...

On the tweet, I do think Trump had a good attack angle when he mentions Joe and Mika were trying to court his favor around the New Year. That's enough to undercut them. The rest is superfluous and petty. His main point was made, the second point just wasn't needed.

That said; I recommend this USAToday article by Glenn Reynolds (first link goes to pop-up crazy USAToday to read the whole thing, but you can get the gist from Glenn's site via 2nd link). tl,dr (or don't click): The TEA Party played nice and were they treated any differently?

Rene Saunce said...

Cut them down without slicing off your own nose.

Rene Saunce said...

I have no problem with Trump fighting the hack press. He needs to hire someone to help him make the tweets funny and punchy. Delete the lame and petty.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I guess my view is old-fashioned and useless that the President of the United States of America, the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, the Leader of the Free World, should be something of a role model.

Fr Martin Fox said...


1. Even if there's no "good" time to fire Comey (I'm not convinced), that doesn't mean there aren't better and worse times. This was ill-timed.

2. Granting your premise that there's no good time, then why not more planning? Do you really believe the way this was handled was all well planned out, with the messages from Trump, his spokespeople, and others in the White House all coordinated? I don't believe that for a minute. It was a hash, and all that needlessly complicated things and gave his enemies ammo to use against him.

3. I can think of many scenarios where firing Comey would be less bad:

a) Right when he did, but with better planning.
b) Have a plan ready, but wait till he gives you a really good excuse. (A friend I knew in politics used to say, if you want to get retribution, you don't have to go chasing after your enemy. Just cock your gun and wait; eventually, he'll pass in front of your sites.)
c) Wait until you have your administration -- at least the Justice Department -- fully staffed. That means more of *your* people helping you, and you're no longer reliant on Obama holdovers sabotaging you or you have vacancies not helping you.
d) When you are fully staffed, you are in a better position to dig around and be better armed with facts.

Look -- if a guy shoots at you and misses, is that a reason to give him more bullets? Not in my mind. He may still go and get his own bullets, but really, why give them to him yourself? There is no scenario where that makes sense.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Trooper --

Your theory on how Trump's tweets help with legislation or appointments would be far more convincing with tweets going after politicians. But where is the evidence that any politician is actually quaking in his or her boots over the threat of Trump tweeting about him or her?

Tweets are an element of media. The impact of the media are vastly overrated. Trump does better when he makes that point, without unhelpful distractions like "bleeding."

So, for example, when he tweets about their failures, their missteps, and even better, when he points out they are "failing," that has value.

Now, if what he wants to do is to build up Joe and Mika as the "leaders of the opposition," then maybe this makes sense. But I don't really see any value in that.

On the other hand, McConnell (without tweeting) made a good play some time back, when he deftly maneuvered to make Sen. Elizabeth Warren the face of the opposition. Remember when he interrupted her and shut her down on the Senate floor? Maybe he didn't intend it as such, but it was a deft move, because it credentialed her, and built her up.

Rene Saunce said...

Fr Fox

"...needlessly complicated things and gave his enemies ammo to use against him.


bagoh20 said...

I don't see the problem and why all the outrage, calling it vulgar. I assume he was simply stating a fact. What's vulgar. If it happened, everyone who knew about it told someone and probably everyone they know, with glee. Oh, but he's President. Yea, so what? It's a job, he's not the king or the Pope. And if the office is so sacred, why the death threats and constant insults to the man holding it. Fen's law might be the most reliable constant in the universe.

Amartel said...

Oh noees, he's stooping to our level.
This is terrible precedent and bad for our nation.
Will no one think of the children?
Make it stawwwwwwp ...

Trooper York said...

Father the tweets take the oxygen out of the lefts attacks on what Trump is doing. If there
were no tweets it would be 24/7 about climate change or the pipelines or some other liberal nonsense like transgender bathrooms. Trump is shouting "squirrel" and they are all jumping to follow.

Plus Trump agrees with me that you can't let people attack you non stop and not reply. You can't be "bigger than all that." That's what the Bushes did. That is why they were savaged.

You have a Billy Martin President. Not a Mel Ott President.

This is what I voted for. This is what I wanted. He has a solid record of accomplishment so far. He has a lot more to do. He needs to build the wall. He needs to destroy Amazon. He needs to bring more jobs back to America. That is what he will be judge on.

Slapping around Mika and Joe is just for fun.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I never suggested there shouldn't be "tweets"; I'm not all that impressed with their value (they have some, less than people think, like all media coverage) -- but, okay, if you want tweets, 24/7, then fine. My advice would be that President Trump put someone else in charge of that. When he has ideas, he passes them along to his tweeter-in-chief, and that person sends them out. That way someone is thinking about how they fit into the overall strategy.

And, as I said above, I am all for fighting. But not all fighting is equally effective, and it can be counter-productive. I'm not a boxer, but I will bet that boxers could substantiate that.

Fr Martin Fox said...

By the way, when I talk about media, I'm not just talking off the top of my head. I did a thing or two before I entered the seminary.

Rene Saunce said...

We all agree we want Trump to fight the media. The media are an arm to the democrat party and it needs to be pointed out on a daily basis. A little added smarts with the tweets, is all. thank you.

Rene Saunce said...

I'm not outraged, but when you give the hacks a platform to scream: "outrage! instability! vulgar! etc..." - you are not helping your own cause.

Rene Saunce said...

btw - just me - It's hilarious that Trump told the world she was bleeding all over with her fresh face lift, and the response from Mika was "no face lift, just a neck tuck. my mommy told me to get one."

Life is the Jerry Spring show.