Monday, June 19, 2017

Sense8, Sun is in trouble.

Sun is the Korean woman in prison taking the rap for her brother who sent goons to kill her. She has all the character in the family, her brother has none. Through emotion generated by crisis she asks her group for help. Emotion is the vehicle of their psychic bond. The blond woman is the transexual linked to Sun. The black woman and the man with the hat are her friends but they are not linked as sensate characters. They do not see what the sensate group of 8 sees. As they do when they can. The black bus driver is in Africa and linked to Sun, the same as Lito the emotional actor hunk, and Wolfgang the Russian and the Icelandic short-haired blond, and the American cop. And the woman in India. They're all in the scene spread across the world.

This scene is amazing. When Sun is tased by the hired fake cops that her brother sent to kill her all the rest feel the same shock no matter where they are or what they are doing. When Sun is hung by a cord all of them choke to the confusion of everyone else around them in their separate lives. It totally messes up all their lives. Born on the same day, apparently they’ll die on the same day as well. We see four people hung by a cord, but it is actually only Sun. The others were empathizing involuntarily by genetic connection. 

The long-haired blond and the cop are not actually with Sun in the prison yet they are shown there and they perceive Sun’s surroundings and provide her crucial information. So you see them switch back and forth between the prison and the place where they actually are. This is what confused reviewers on Television Without Pity. They couldn’t quite sort it all, yet everything is right there. 

I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I do. The whole series is packed with such scenes. Along with filler
characterization here  type of scenes throughout, easily skipped without missing a beat. The older Korean woman is another prisoner who hit it off with Sun. She has no idea what's going on.

Well, that had me on the edge of my seat. Three times. It blows me away that somebody actually conceived this idea for a story without knowing where it will take them. And in my opinion they pull it off brilliantly. The show keeps getting better as it goes, and then the whole thing suddenly stops and leaves fans hanging there dying for more. There is internet talk of the show not being pursued beyond the second season already completed while fans demand they continue. 

It is the transexual's friends who know the most about her. The other sensate characters' friends know much less about them. The sensate behavior is confusing to them and they don't get good explanations. When the friends of the other sensate characters hear them talking to nobody present in the room it makes trouble and it's too much to explain. Except for the transexual who learned that it's better to lay it all out there and deal with consequences right off. Her honesty has helped her while keeping overly private has hurt all the others. Her life was already made worse than this whole sensate connection thing. This is a less than subtle messaging that arose from the writer's personal lives. I gather. From the information given on Wikipedia. 

Fans uploaded their favorite scenes to youtube and assembled them into playlists. When this stops another is automatically loaded.  I've enjoyed very much seeing these scenes again pulled out of context. They're all great.   


Methadras said...

Sense8 is a great show, but considering the Wachowski Sisters who developed this show used to be the Wachowski Brothers (because they were transgendered), this show is basically an SJW Gender/Sexual identity propaganda vehicle with a plot and the Sense8 powers thrown in to keep the viewer engaged. It's getting better, but it still has a long way to go.

Amartel said...

I like the idea, though, so it's in the queue.

ricpic said...

I could only identify with the old lady in the pink uniform watching open mouthed as all those kerazy kids gyrated around.

Chip Ahoy said...

Correction. I don't see Lito in this mix. He must off crying or something. His character is one of my favorites. But I do think they go a bit too far with all the gay stuff. Their fans love it though. It shows on YouTube

I thought one of the creators transitioned. I didn't realize both did. Whatever. Their show is amazing. And it's a beautiful world tour besides.