Thursday, June 22, 2017

What socially expected thing do you hate doing the most?

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This is probably only applicable to people who don't live alone, but having to entertain people who are not your friends when your family member/flatmate leaves the room to go to the toilet or make a drink or something. It's so painfully awkward. But less awkward than blanking them for a couple of minutes.

I don't know if this is a female thing but there's a pressure to be really enthusiastic around kids. I don't like or dislike children but I don't like being expected to behave like a kindergarten teacher every time I meet one. This whole over the top, bubbly annoying thing that most women do with kids just exhausts me. I know that it's genuine for some women but for many, it's a weird competition to see who can be the most motherly or nurturing. It can be pretty creepy sometimes.

Pretending that I want to advance in any job I have. No, I don't care about becoming a manager or whatnot. I took this job because it's what I wanted to do. I'm not interested in being paid to think about how other people should work harder

Ass-kissing to get a job. It feels disgusting.

Having to individually say 'goodbye' to everyone at a family/social gathering. I'm all about the Irish goodbye.

Excessive socializing. My family and friends have given me shit for going straight to my room after going out or hanging out with them all day. It's like, didn't you have enough of me? I definitely had enough of you.

Hugging people you don't want to hug

singing or being sung happy birthday


Leland said...

I agree about the job advancement thing. I just got a promotion that I wasn't seeking, and now I'm doing a job I don't want to do. It pays better, but I live within my means, so the previous job was very satisfactory. Plus, the industry doesn't seem to be improving like many think it is, and I felt more comfortable when I was a more affordable option. And I wasn't complacent in the previous job, which should be obvious by the fact that I got a promotion. I was kicking ass doing what I enjoyed doing.

Alas, I also have a since of duty. If I'm given a task, I do it to the best of my ability.

Oh, and I hate company birthday parties and potlucks.

JRoberts said...

Not a big fan of going to weddings or funerals. I'm okay with the ceremonies, but small talk at receptions can be a real challenge.

edutcher said...

Small talk can be a problem.

ricpic said...

Thankfully I don't live in a small town where you have to acknowledge strangers on the street in order to be seen as neighborly. I hate that. Not that Ithaca is a big city. It's a small city but New Yorkers (including upstaters) are such abrasive shits and know they're such sahibs that eye contact is kept to a minimum. Shits came out sahibs. Happy accidents happen.

Trooper York said...

Really. I love to say hello. I say hello to everyone in New York. I have a style. It is called genial contempt. It works great because I am an old white guy.

You know. The patriarch. If you are not a cowering cuk the zeds walk soft. You just have to exude confidence.