Friday, June 2, 2017

France, Germany and Italy: Paris Climate Treaty "irreversible and cannot be renegotiated"

As a famous Wilde and crazy guy once wrote, “One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing.”

And we are just flat cracking up, for our hearts are effervescent as a freshly popped cola.

These leaders must imagine we're shamed by making this joint statement and so they must imagine we're all liberals because everyone else is celebrating having common sense prevail.

They are talking to someone else. Not us.

Sundance writing for The Last Refuge hosted at asserts reasonably and correctly the treaty is an economic arrangement and not in any way a planet protecting climate treaty. Climate is the camouflage, the subterfuge, for financing an international fund controlled by a group similar to the International Monetary Fund that shifts money to developing countries and enriches its management besides. Like NATO and like the U.N. and like the IMF, the United States was expected to contribute the bulk.

They know had they offered the treaty as doing what it actually does and named it as such, "tax for redistribution of economic wealth to developing countries then nobody would buy that monkeyshines. Because we have no say in the political processes that keep developing countries in their developing state.

And we assist developing countries with direct agreements. While we adjust our energy production and use to our own natural resources and our own needs while caring for the planet better than European climate treaties provide. In these two efforts the United States performs better without European input and control. As they do themselves.

They're just so socialist about everything. It's how they think. About everything. "We can do so much better together." Eh, well, not always.

This is Europeans exercising their impulse to control U.S. economy. Plain and simple. It nettles them terribly that they don't. We're too  big. They must control us. And they devised this non-treaty to avoid our form of bothersome democracy. If only they could properly socialize us. In this impulse they are not our friends. They attempted to lock us into an arrangement with the force of an actual treaty, draining our resources, hobbling our economy, while avoiding our democratic process for approving it, and not affecting climate at all. Because they know half our country won't allow it.

It truly bugs them that they cannot vote in our elections. They actually say our elections are so important, the result so consequential, that at this point in global history the whole world really must have legal input. In this respect they think they are entitled to affect our political process. And they mean it. They discuss this at home and in pubs and then bring the opinion online. They should be able to vote. I read that position stated by British labor repeated every time we have a federal election.

Here's the tell in their statement.
The three leaders say they regard the accord as “a cornerstone in the cooperation between our countries, for effectively and timely tackling climate change.” 
They added that the course charted by the accord is “irreversible and we firmly believe that the Paris Agreement cannot be renegotiated.” 
Macron, Merkel and Gentiloni say they remain committed to the deal and will “step up efforts” to support the poorest and most threatened nations. There's more. AP link.
The Europeans go from "climate change" in the first bit to "support poorest and most threatened countries" at the end. Because there is nothing solid about reaching CO2 markers for any of the countries can do as they like then it really is all about redistribution.

And that is intimately unAmerican.

The ridiculous statement that this is the one single chance and now forever lost is acutely risible. That's it's irreversible and cannot be renegotiated is patently ridiculous. That is a statement directed to stupid people. It's ridiculous because it's wholly unnecessary. They could have kept it open. They could have held patiently and busted their move under the next Democrat president who would gladly cede American economic power to Europeans, and gladly handicap the American economy to make their own economies more competitive.

In a pique, they resentfully slammed the door to future arrangements instead of keeping it open. And that's fine with us too.

Trump smashed their careful plan. Again, a plan to hobble U.S. economy, to exert just a little more control of it, if we will just pay them to do it, if they can just get their hooks into us. No, these people are not our friends.

Sundance's article is solid and thorough and amusing. Recommended. He refers to these three leaders as the "Three Amoebas." They're having a great time over there in comments.

Commenters over there at The Last Refuge point out this must dispel the myth generated by hot fevered dreaming that Trump's daughter holds too much influence over Trump. If what we read about Ivanka's position on this Paris agreement is correct, and that's a big if,  then this example of Trump trashing the agreement disproves the myth. He listened to her, considered her point of view, weighed it with all other factors and then decided against her.

Here's the thing about this secular Climate religion that its proponents fail to grasp. And it amazes me they don't see this and adapt their behavior accordingly after so long and so many people pointing it out. Within authentic religions the masters live the lives that they teach. They do not separate themselves from the belief's adherents. So, if political leaders insist CO2 is a serious problem then they must show how important that is through demonstration in their daily lives. Every day. They must walk the walk.

But they don't. So then genuine religious practitioners see only a false prophet. They'll never see anything else.  And I haven't seen the Climate leaders budge on this. To a person they all still make full and extravagant use of energy they insist is damaging. It doesn't work on a religious population. They've miscalculated.

And they were so close. There's the part that's exquisite. Such drama.

A deplorable over there at The Last Refuge also posted this video remix loop and although it's a bit weird and repetitive it's also a catchy tune and I like it a lot.


edutcher said...

And Preezy Pissy is miffed because his "legacy" took another big hit.

ampersand said...

Can't have a treaty without Senate ratification. D.O.A.

chickelit said...

Non-binding treaties can be renegotiated. Those European leaders (MGM) are (apparently) legal lightweights.