Monday, June 19, 2017

Evergreen State College Controversy

"If You Think Campus Free Speech Is No Big Deal, Watch This..."
Michael Moynihan finds students scared to express “nuanced” ideas, a progressive professor demonized as a racist, protesters mocking “free speech,” and a college president who cannot rule out that he might be a white supremacist.

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The funny thing is that it is the protesting students who are abusing their privilege... and if not corrected, they will never see it. Disrupting students need to be expelled. Don't you agree?


Rene Saunce said...

If you're a propagandized leftist hypocrite asshole you can have access free speech, and shut others down.

That's American college.

Waste of money.

Lem said...

What's another word for mass histeria? Scott Adams pointed out that CNN has a policy against using the term "mass histeria" do to it's masogonistic history.

ampersand said...

I went to a minority majority Public high school in the late 60s. What I observed is the white liberal teachers despite flapping their gums about civil rights and race were actually afraid of blacks. We had one white teacher brave enough to testify in front of an Illinois house committee about what was going on in our school. Someone took a shot at him while he was teaching his class. He wasn't hit. The shot came from outside and no one was ever caught.
I had one black teacher who would openly insult white students. He announced he was leaving teaching to become a private detective. One day he pulled out six bullets laid them on his desk pointing at us. AFAIK no disciplinary action was ever taken against him.

Lem said...

Prejudice is insidious. In the name of rooting out prejudice let's practice some.

The ends justifies the means.

edutcher said...

The Lefty lynch mob mentality. All on one.

PS Hysteria, from the Greek word for uterus.

Methadras said...

This is the very wish of the radical Marxist progressive collectivists. To so inculcate the youth into this politically correct groupthink that they are utterly incapable of formulating or accepting cogent arguments in the positive or the negative as a counter to their less than critical thoughts. This isn't even about the ability to speak, what this student mob has done is brand anyone who thinks or believes beyond their groupthink herd mentality of codes, language, ideas, and thought as being anathema to them in totality as a racist, bigot, homophobe, name your marginalised/stigmatized characterization of your choice.

Make no mistake, this is a mob. The only difference is, is that it doesn't come with pitchforks and torches. Instead, it comes in the form of a wave of emotional tirades and wish fulfillment. This mob is a sort of programmed mass of mass lunacy/mass hysteria. This is what unfettered illogical thought and simply raw emotion looks like. No tolerance, no room for opposing points of view, just emotive rage, anger, and feelz. That's it.

ricpic said...

I just wanna tell all a' yiz that America had NONE OF THIS back in the '50's. Yeah, I'm that old. Not that it wasn't being hatched by Frankfurt School immigrants at a few American Universities, Columbia first and foremost. But in the general culture? No. Didn't exist. Which made the sea change in the '60's so shocking. You know what it is at bottom? Ingratitude. To the bone. And who is most ungrateful? The most spoiled. It's an army of the spoiled we're up against.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Expel or horse whip!

bagoh20 said...

" Ingratitude. To the bone. And who is most ungrateful? The most spoiled. It's an army of the spoiled we're up against."


Americans used to feel incredibly lucky to be Americans. That led to gratitude, pride, respect and the true openness and tolerance that created the great melting pot. Without gratitude, you have no capacity for respect or tolerance of others. The development of this idiocy in our young is just about the saddest thing I've seen in American life. Without gratitude, you have no basis to do good. You only want to tear down and attack those who are grateful. You try to take from others what you don't feel, but some things can't be acquired through theft. They must be accepted through humility. These people have none, which makes them incredibly dangerous.

bagoh20 said...

It's interesting that in a climate where authenticity seems to be highly valued that so many poseurs preen and cluck. When I see these people on campus protesting, I see a flock of chickens in the barnyard straining to lift their heads as high as possible, clucking and pecking at anything within reach, and shitting all over the place with no respect for where they are. When they are done, there is nothing fixed, nothing better, everything is just soiled. They shit where they eat.