Sunday, June 25, 2017

Queen's hat

Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech a few days ago and while her hats do garner attention this time her audience saw in it a clear transmission of meaning. They're convinced the queen relayed an overt political message. Because everything is political, must be political, even hats. 


See, the blue is exactly the same blue and the stars are exactly the same shape and color and number, and the circular patterns are both exact circles.  So it must be. 

This obsession calls for ridicule. Irresistible to B3ta members. (In their world, rhymes with "Peter.") This week's challenge is to show the queen wearing hats that transmit political messages. Or else just be equally silly. Understand members are children. Even the very old members. British parody site B3ta has two pages of entries so far collected here. As usual, a few members miss the point of the challenge entirely. The challenge is still running. 


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Walking the dog in the woods, just this morning, at a goodly distance ahead of us, off to the side of the trail, I saw a man hunched over. Was there danger ahead? Or was he perhaps merely tying his shoe? But a shoe could have been tied six times by now and still there is no motion to be seen.

And now I am close enough. It's the cross-section of a great tree, once fallen across the trail and now bisected by the park rangers and their chain saw.

God's love and promise. A face of perfect beauty. A slice of toasted bread.

AllenS said...

The queen is the only woman in the world who dresses worse than Michelle Obama.

edutcher said...

She's 90, dude. And a WWII vet.

As for the hat, quite a reach there.

Sixty Grit said...

We renounced her and her inbred family over 200 years ago. Sod off, Queenie.

Amartel said...

Kind of weird to still be pissed about that. They're an odd nation, a bit obsessed with lecturing us about our food and our weapons, but I like them and can easily tune out their ambient inferiority complex/nonsense while enjoying their theatrical oddities. Like matchy blue suit and hat queen ... with stars. Who the hell dresses like that other than this queen? And I doubt it's supposed to be Brexit-positive.