Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"The Left-Wing Terrorist’s Capitol Hill Coup d’Etat"

"A Democrat-controlled House would overturn the election and impeach Trump."
Calculating the number of congressional Republicans hard left terrorist James T. Hodgkinson could have murdered on his baseball diamond battlefield reveals a megalomaniacal political scheme that may have inspired his savage assault: a history-altering Capitol Hill coup d’état within the electoral system.

Farfetched? Simple and truly fascist bloodbath math makes the case that Hodgkinson’s crime could have created political circumstances situation where Democrats might gain control the House of Representatives.

As strategists say, that shift in power would “set conditions” for impeaching President Donald Trump, a man Hodgkinson hated and whose election and administration Hodgkinson and millions of his fellow Democrats believe to be illegal and illegitimate.

I am not attempting to read the assassin’s mind. But we know he intended to massacre Republicans, which tells us a lot about his mindset and his motives. We also know he committed the crime.
While it sounds like a conspiracy theory this take makes sense. Link to the whole thing.


edutcher said...

The assumption being they would be replaced by Demos.

He didn't seem to get the possibility their constituents might dig in their heels and elect even more Conservative Rs.

AllenS said...

If this isn't a reason to get out and vote, nothing is. Too bad so many Republicans suck.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

A coup d’état within the electoral system?

Leland said...

It's a dumb idea, which means it might have been plausible considered by a few Dems, but dumb. Its not like killing some congressmen will cause their districts to flip. Hell, even removing Tom Price isn't giving the Dems an easy seat, and they probably still fail to elect a carpetbagger. The Dems tried a legal coup against Scott Walker and that backfired. I'm going to call this a no.

ampersand said...

Hodgkinson was a 66 year old Bernie supporter. A man who has not been a socialist before 25 has no heart, but if he remains one after 30 he has no head and bad aim and possibly a pacemaker.

edutcher said...

The bad aim has bemused many a right-wing gun nut on the Interwebz.

As was noted, with a free field of fire and a stationary position, he only wounded 4.

If the Lefties want a war, they'll have to up their game.

edutcher said...

PS If you're a socialist at any age, you have no head.