Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Scattered clouds forecast...

photo by Sixty Grit

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Sixty Grit said...

The Doors drew from many musical sources and had some good musicians. Morrison wrote some poetry, but once he had used up all of his material it was pretty much over. Manzarek did a great job playing bass and keyboard, his years of training were obvious. Krieger had some classical training, too, based on the song they recorded using music from Asturius, a piece composed by Albeniz.

I think the chaos that Stone captured was right on the money. I am not sure there is much beyond that, as Morrison was obsessed with death and the other members of the band were caught in his vortex. Manzarek wrote several books after Morrison died, including novels, but I have never read them, so second hand sources are all I have regarding his opinion on what actually occurred. I do get the sense that no one involved liked the movie.

I did walk out to Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris back in '96 to see Morrison's grave. Not sure that is a walk that one could make today without being killed. Plus les choses changent l'inconnu qu'elles deviennent...