Monday, June 26, 2017

President Trump listens to Uncle Saul

President Trump has it exactly right here. Make them live up to their own bullshit. They claim collusion and obstruction. While all the time Obama knew what the Russians were doing and did nothing. Most likely to cover up what he was doing. What they did was have an opposition research firm make a phony dossier that was used by the partisan FBI to get a FISA warrant to tape Candidate Trump and his associates. Then that information was illegally unmasked and spread out through the government in the expectation that it would be leaked. There are literally dozens of felonies in that chain of events. Of course Mueller is not going to follow up on that as he is only tasked at destroying Trump with his merry band of Democratic Donor Lawyers and left wing partisans. Trump needs to clean the swamp. Now.


ricpic said...

The Art of The Arsonist by D. Trump

The tide I feel is turning,
The shoe's on the other foot:
Start Obama smoldering,
He'll spite himself down to soot.

edutcher said...

This is where his "loutishness" begins to pay off.

He called 'em like he saw 'em last year and got a rep for being right.

Now when he says something like this, his track record says he's right.

Actually, I think he's going to do a Comey on them and let them make fools of themselves because he knows exactly what really happened.

Methadras said...

Now you guys see why I advocate political assassinations of these fucking traitors with joy and glee. They are willing to kill a country and an electoral process for their lust for power and fuck you to anyone else that gets in their way. They are trying to murder this president's reputation. That's enough for me, but I'd rather see Trump tell the FBI to arrest Urkel.

If I were president, I'd invite Urkel to the Oval Office, tell everyone to get out, lock the door, and then proceed to beat the fuck out of him and have him wrapped in a sack and shoved out the back door with the message that if you ever show your fucking face anywhere on earth again or open your mouth against me, I'll fucking bury you for good. GTFO.

Sixty Grit said...

That reads like the new "I have a dream" speech.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Smart move by President Trump. Call Obama and his cronies out.