Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Don Surber: Never apologize again, conservatives

Via InstapunditStephen Colbert of CBS used a homophobic slur against President Trump.

The Left is not calling for his head.

Fine. Conservatives should never again apologize for anything they say that "offends" a liberal.

The days of liberal fascism are over.

No more, Mister Nice Guy.

The days of not lowering ourselves to their level are through. This is about survival. Liberals can pick us off one by one playing this game where they can do no wrong, and one slip of the tongue fouls us out forever.

Colbert -- an unfunny comedian -- called President Trump a cock holster for Putin.

That is a homophobic slur.

His tirade against Trump was not funny -- nor was it meant to be.

Contrast Colbert's angry and profane diatribe last night against Trump to this Washington Post story on October 30, 2010:
WASHINGTON — Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the founding fathers of fake news, drew throngs of exuberant supporters to Washington on Saturday for a joint rally.
With midterm elections looming and Democrats bracing for a historic thumping, the two comedians reined in their three-hour “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” to nonpartisan bits, musical entertainment and gentle ribbing of the purported enemies of incivility. The denizens of the Capitol, visible behind the stage, escaped their usual excoriation.
Their rally was a slam at the Tea Party, not a call for anything non-partisan.

They wanted the Left to remain in power, and thought by pretending the Tea Party was fear-mongering they could stop it from winning the 2010 mid-terms.

Comedy Central was OK with their politicking, just as CBS is OK with Colbert's anti-Trump tantrums.

There are no late-night comics, only bitter and nasty liberals who hate America for electing Donald John Trump president.

Their "comedy" died on November 8, when they lost the election, and that patina of humor that covered their inner hatred and loathing.

They see us as deplorable.

Why in the hell would we ever care about their feelings, or try to live by their rotten and frankly sociopathic values? Abortion is a right? Really?

The Left -- including "gay rights activists" -- are cool with Colbert's homophobic slur because he is a liberal.

No intelligent person would ever apologize to them for calling a person a queer (as Alec Baldwin did without losing his Capital One spokesman gig) or any other slur.

The gloves are off. The rulebook is out, because it was written by a Marxist anyway.

Sure, I would like to live in a polite society but we will not have one until the Left learns two can play that game -- and conservatives are very good at that.

Just a reminder, CBS took no action against David Letterman when he implied Sarah Palin's then 14-year-old daughter was a whore.


ricpic said...

I've never watched Colbert but his rant was so off the charts that it made the front page of the NY Post.

Here is one of the things he said: "The only thing your [Trump's] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holder."

My question is: Where is the FCC?

Amartel said...

The would-be elite are not going to go quietly into the night.

Roger Simon has an excellent article about these snowflake Days of Rage (as compared to the 60s Days of Rage when young men were being sent off to war).

Leland said...

Unfortunately, the same sentiment was expressed when David Letterman made his comments about Palin's daughter and yet apologies still come. Among hopes of a wall and a streamlined government; support for Trump also came because unlike his Republican challengers, he didn't apologize when any hint of a slight was made.

Amartel said...

The apology is as fake as CBS news. For these people, mocking uppity deplorables is de rigeur. Deploying homophobic slurs and rape fantasies about children is fine so long as it is directed at the deplorables and their minders. Once you are in the out group, it's on. Racism (just ask Justice Thomas, or Michelle Malkin), sexism (just ask Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin), homophobia (just ask any conservative-leaning gay about being run out of their own "community"), any sordid vulgarity (whether true or not, and it's even better if it's false) is available for deployment. If you stray, you're no longer a woman, nor a non-white person (your racial and ethnic heritage is erased), no longer gay or lesbian, no longer a deserving poor - YOU'VE ABUSED YOUR PRIVILEGES! Now you must sleep out of doors, away from the benevolent protections provided by your betters.

edutcher said...

Captain Brittles' advice to all young men, "Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness", is the touchstone here.

The Lefties love demanding apologies because they know people take it as an admission of culpability, even when no harm was done or even intended. this is also why their "apologies" are always non-apologies ("I'm sorry I got caught").

You want to see how to take the war to the enemy, consider Coulter or Trump. They never apologize.

And it drives the Lefties nuts.

This Colbert thing is just the latest in a long string of these examples why putting up with the Full Court Alinsky is a losing proposition.

Amartel said...

Roger Simon has an excellent article about these snowflake Days of Rage (as compared to the 60s Days of Rage when young men were being sent off to war).

That was a crock also, the "protests" were orchestrated by the KGB and its useless idiots and most of the protesters couldn't tell you the first thing about what was going on over there.

They mostly showed up because everybody they knew was going and it was a great place to do the hippie thing and have as much casual sex as possible.

Amartel said...

the point being that they at least ostensibly had something to protest about.

Chip Ahoy said...

What took so long?

edutcher said...

OK, I just feel obliged to remind people what was going on for real.

Chip Ahoy said...

I just now did the most delightful puzzle. Fun all the way through.

It's written by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon. They're involved with running the NYT crossword forum online. They're an interesting couple and I've often imagined it would be an interesting dinner together. i bet they're great conversation.

I like their puzzle because it challenges your knowledge of geography, really challenges it, and if you can do that then the whole thing is easy but if you cannot then the entire thing will be a tremendous drag because all the fill is like way out there.

I got the idea right off by going to the bottom. The clue is
"Some Sudanese"
and by filling it all in the answer turns out to be

Oh! They put the capital of the country they name at the front to change a common phrase into a new capital/something phrase.

Now the formula is known. I think. Let's check out the remaining long thematic entries and concentrate on them.

The next long one up is "Egyptian specialist?" Now this is right up my alley geography-wise, innit. CAIRO-something. Solves to CAIROPRACTOR.

Ha ha. Right off the bat we see this is going to be fun.

Working upward. "Fear of being in Ghana?" ACCRA-something, ACCRAPHOBIA.

Ha ha. Good one.

"Phillippine fakery?" MANILAFUDGE. Eh, they can't all be brilliant. I suppose.

"Man-eating giant of Albania?" Capital of Albania is TIRANA and is SAURUS doesn't fit on the end then just f me. I meant to say just now that SAURUS suggests itself automatically by the clue upon recalling Tirana the capital of Albania. It fills right in. But you have to know capitals for it to be fun or your all, "What? What? What?"

Now at the top, usually the beginning, "Year-round home in Jordan?" AMMANFORALLSEASONS

There are also two long vertical entries.

"Turk?" This clue/answer is less satisfying than everything else in this puzzle because the clue refers directly to the answer. There's nothing tricky or cutsie about it, no misdirection, no pitfalls. It's just a flat boring clue. So unlike these two constructors. ANKARAPERSON Thud. it's just too straightforward. Ankara Person. What's the original phrase being played with here? I don't see anything. Anchor person? No lo entiendo. *swipes fingertips away from forehead as if flicking off sweat, puzzled facial expression*

And the last one is "Cheer in Zimbabwe?" Say it. SAY IT! Say it, I said. Say the capital of Zimbabwe. It's the blob near the bottom above South Africa. Landlocked. It's capital is HARARE. HA-RA-RE. It fills itself right in HARAREHARARE.

Bravo, you two wild and crazy constructors.

You should see my puzzle. It's only half solved. Hardly any of the fill is completed, and the bits that I did were tough. *squeaky voice* "How tough?" Tough! Real tough. These two like to joke around. Their mums told them if they had brains they'd be dangerous, and they do have brains, and they are dangerous. The fill is all very tough. But the thing is, now that thematic entries are completed I don't care about those anymore. The fun part is done. Great little geography pop quiz right there.

ricpic said...

I didn't think MANILAFUDGE was half bad.

But I have to agree that ANKARAPERSON falls flat.


This kind of piggyback commenting is pretty deplorable. But that's me!

chickelit said...

Needs a "People will think Troop posted this" tag,

Sixty Grit said...

Awe inspiring in Japan? TOKYOBREATHAWAY.

French crooner? PARISCOMO.

Hope song in Poland? GDANSKFORTHEMEMORY.

Okay, technically, that's not the capital. WARSAWWHATYOUDID.

Rabel said...

"Cock holster," ric. Not "cock holder." We wouldn't want to offend Titus with an inaccuracy. Or maybe we would.

ampersand said...

Samantha Bee said "Only @GeorgeTakei can express what we’re feeling." I assume she meant getting screwed in the butt, but I assume Takei would favor that.