Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump travels

Why would Trump want to go Riyadh and to Jerusalem and Europe? Why now? Commenters said that he's running away from Washington.

Others snipe about an apology tour.

While another commenter wrote that he thinks Trump is allowing Washington to go more deeply nuts while he's away, that bureaucrats will behave badly, that leakers will expose themselves. The commenter thinks Trump is giving them space and rope to hang themselves.

And boy oh boy, when he gets back.

I've read articles all week about the swamp closing in on Trump. And that swamp being so full of snakes, biting insects, dangerous fish and crocodiles, and bloodsuckers. The commenter believes that Trump absence from Washington will have a concentrating effect on all those swamp creatures while giving liberty and room to make damaging mistakes.

It sounded good to me.

Schedule lifted from Yahoo News.  Yahoo News fills this out more. They cannot resist little bits like this:
"It doesn’t seem as though he’ll have time to do much else at the museum, a 45-acre complex with multiple buildings and memorials, since his advance team reportedly allotted only 15 minutes for the visit." 
* Day 1 Saturday, May 20 Riyadh. Coffee with the king, banquet, meeting with king and crown prince and signing ceremony for a number of agreements.

* Day 2 Sunday, May 21 Riyadh. Meeting with Gulf Corporation Council. Lunch with leaders of over 50 Arab countries where he will deliver a speech attended by 37 heads of state and 6 prime ministers. The speech is about confronting radical Islam.

* Day 3 Monday, May 22 Jerusalem. Meeting with President Reuven Rivlin and visit Yad Vashem. Speech at Israel museum. Meeting with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

* Day 4 Tuesday, May 23 Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Meeting with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

* Day 5 Wednesday, May 24 Rome. Meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Then cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and tour St. Peter's Basilica. Meeting with President Sergio Mattarella.

* Day 6 Thursday, May 25 Brussels. Meeting with Belgian king Philippe and Prime Minister Charles Michel. European Union headquarters, meeting with European Council presidents. Working lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron. Speech at NATO memorial. NATO leaders meeting and dinner.

* Day 7 Friday, May 26 Sicily. G7 Summit. Meeting with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentilioni. Concert at La Scala Philharmonic, attend leaders dinner hosted by president of Italy.

* Day 8 Saturday, May 27 Sicily. Speech to American and Allied servicemen and families. Return to Washington.



This is going to be a fun trip

so little time...

ndspinelli said...

It's just serendipity, but I think the timing of this trip is good.

chickelit said...

Why would Trump want to go Riyadh and to Jerusalem and Europe? Why now? Commenters said that he's running away from Washington

Hogwarsh. I have a Google alert set to "Pope and Trump." This trip has been planned for well over a month.

edutcher said...

What chick said.

Wishful thinking is a real killer, but we'll indulge the Lefties just this once/

Fr Martin Fox said...

This trip has great potential. I hope someone has, by now, persuaded President Trump to let someone on his staff coordinate ALL messaging. He is too often his own worst enemy in that regard.