Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Tao of Cliff

"So Coach what are you making?"
"A new Cocktail. It's called the Trump."
"Really what's in it? Lots of win I suppose? A Mexican? Maybe some gold leaf?"
"Nah nothing like that Cliffy. Why would you think that. What are you stupid? All you do is talk about how great Trump is all the time. Don't you get tired of that? I mean he is not the real leader that we need like Mussolini or Huey Long."
"Little know fact. Mussolini ate a couple of cloves of garlic every night before he went to bed. Said it was good for his heart. Didn't do much for his sex life though."
"Seriously Cliffy where do you come up with this stuff."
"By my voluminous research Coach. I am on the computer every day. So tell me what's in this cocktail?"
"Vodka for his Russian connections, corn for his corny beliefs and sugar to sweeten it so you will swallow it. Oh and a dab of bull feces because you know. He is full of it."
"Sounds Delicious. Pour me one. And one for my friend Norm."
"Hey I don't want that. I only drink beer."
"It's free."
"Send it down here Coach."
"See everybody wants something for free."


cliff claven said...

It's a proven fact, beer drinkers virtually never get kidney stones.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Do they get pretzels with that? Proven fact, classy joints upgrade to peanuts.

ndspinelli said...

But no ferns, Evi. Don't want Cheers to become a "FERN BAR" That was a good episode.