Monday, May 15, 2017

Henry Thomas audition

Want to see something funny?

Psych! It's sad not funny. Unless you think little kids crying about the scripts they're reading is funny, then it's hilarious. Well done. Contrary to comments on YouTube, I think I could have done this acting at this age for I too was a method actor as a child. All that cuteness was an act. I assumed everyone was. I assumed everyone imagines they could do this. But they say that they could not.  


ricpic said...

He's even got the chin quiver down pat. Not in a million years could I do that at age 8 or 9. But I did read the World Book Encyclopedia from Volume AB to Volume WXYZ. I think I was happiest reading. And riding to Highland Park as part of the Nut, Bolt and Screw Club with my two best friends in that club of three: Bob Marotta, Joseph Moskowitz and me. Which one of us was the nut the bolt or the screw is completely lost to my memory.

ndspinelli said...

I think this kid was a one hit wonder. His sister in the flick has done alright.