Friday, May 19, 2017


Grunge owed bands like Husker Du an awful lot. The Minneapolis bands, the SST bands, and the L.A. punk bands who thrived in the '80's simply never got on the public's radar like Grunge bands did. The bands knew this. Kurt Cobain called the Meat Puppets a favorite band and covered their songs; the  Chili Peppers -- who dedicated "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" to Mike Watt -- knew this. Hell, Sonic Youth featured a voice recording of Watt in their 1988 "Day Dream Nation."

I met Mike Watt more than once. The first time was in the summer of 1991 in Zurich. My girlfriend asked him what was new in music and he said "Everybody's listening to Nirvana." We were like "Nirvana who?" A few months later everything changed. So I've always carried this little bit of snobery regarding Grunge. Why weren't people excited about Grunge excited about The Replacements? About Husker Du?

I think it was the dissonance.

From the YouTube comments:
Bob Mould predicting the creation of Internet... killer lyrics.
Lyrics after the jump

Well they divided up all the land
And we've got states and cities
Cities have their neighborhoods
And more subdivisions

There's countries divided by walls
Oceans and latitudes
And longitude, longing to find out
Just what they're missing, whoa

They're lots of area codes
And nine digit zip codes
Secret decoder ring codes
Arteries, shopping nodes

We'll invent some new computers
Link up the global village
And get AP, UPI, and Reuters
To tell everybody, news news

We'll be one happy neighborhood
Spread out across the world
Who's going to stop that burglar
From breaking in my house
If he lives that far away, what!

We'll be just like old friends
No means to your ends
The police state is too busy
The neighborhood's getting out of hand

Big Brother on every wall
Muzak plays in all the halls
Empires see the rise and fall
They divide, conquer

It's not about my politics
Something happened way too quick
A bunch of men who played it sick
They divide, conquer

It's all here before your eyes
Safety is a big disguise
That hides among the other lies
They divide, conquer, what oh oh, oh oh

Well I expect I won't be heard
'Cause my silence is assured
Never a discouraging word
They divide and conquer

They divide and conquer
Divide and conquer
They divide and conquer
Divide and conquer, listen

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na, whoa

Divide and conquer
Divide and conquer
And conquer
Divide and conquer
And conquer
Divide and conquer
And conquer, listen

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la, whoa, yeh


Rene Saunce said...

Lyrics = Nostradamus

Sixty Grit said...

Thanks for the warning tag.

chickelit said...

@Renee Saunce: Best comment ever!