Sunday, May 14, 2017

seething Trump

Drudge headlines Trump is seething about leaks and suggests by stating with a question mark that he intends to clean house. The old declarative as interrogative routine again. Come to think of it, I need to seethe too and clean house. This place is a mess over here.

I don't know what seethe means. I think it means boil, pressure and steam, very angry. Like this.

How do you know someone is angry unless they show it? How did Trump show it? Did he yell? One of my all time favorite YouTube videos is Bill Still describing a massive Hillary meltdown following the surprise question from Matt Lauer. Lauer went off script. Bill Still starts out deadpan, "Still reporting on the Clintons."  Like that kind of seething that Bill describes? Because that was fun.

People blowing their tops do not scare me or even upset me. My dad trained us well. I can tell you that nothing in the world at large matches anything already endured. Everyone else is cute by comparison. And you know what? The good thing about such people is you know what is on their mind regarding you. No guessing. That is a tremendous benefit. 

Did he swear? Because that's what I would do.

How did he seethe? By what observable behavior? What does seethe even mean? says: verb without object. seethed or (Obsolete) sod; seethed or (Obsolete) sodden or sod; seething.

1. to surge or foam as if boiling.
2. to be in a state of agitation or excitement
3. Archaic. to boil. 

Verb with object. Seethed or (Obsolete) sod; seethed or (Obsolete) sodden or sod; seething.

4. to soak or steep
5. to cook by boiling or simmering; boil.


6. the act of seething
7. the state of being agitated or excited

Got it. But nothing here about anger, while it's still understood Drudge is talking about anger. I'd have more confidence if the dictionary mentioned something about anger. Don't you think? The dictionary showed where the word came from so it's descriptive of usage not prescriptive.

See? Sometimes we're already smarter than dictionaries.  

I think I'll have cubed and seethed Yukon potatoes with butter for dinner. 


chickelit said...

You can't have seethed potatoes because the verb is intransitive. You can't seethe something unless you're a lisping per diem carp. I mean, you can seethe, or you can seethe with something, but you can't directly seethe something.


chickelit said...

Quite a few of those olde Germanic verbs are intransitive notions foisted by an intransigent people.

AllenS said...

To seethe or not to seethe, that is the question.

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm gonna seethe me some potatoes.

*guitar intro to Tommy pierces the air*

*high-pitched whinging voice* Seethe me. Seethe me-e-e-e. Boil me. Sod me-e-e.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If I were Trump, I would be seething about the leaks from my own side.

edutcher said...

The guy who blows up can be handled.

The guy who never shows it is dangerous.

ndspinelli said...

When we left for San Diego and January we left the potatoes in the cabinet. When she got home last week, my bride opened the cupboard and it looked like a horror movie w/ 3 foot curly eyes wrapped around each other.

Chip Ahoy said...

ND, that's funny.

I too have sweet potatoes doing that and I decided they'll look great outside.

ndspinelli said...

Chip, I found it funny as well. My bride was creeped out.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Nick, plant 'em.