Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Clown flees on scooter after slashing man man to death with bladed gloves

What a bizarre story. You must have seen this on Drudge.

The glove or gloves are in the style of Freddy Kruger. White face paint with black streaks. Not a circus clown with big shoes and red nose.

Christian Gulzow is the perp. Brian Lucero is the victim.

They argued at a gas station market. The place has a row of pumps taking most the space of the lot in the front with the back of the market set back to abut the alley. The victim left the market and walked north up the alley just one block from one end of the alley to the other, from 10th to 11th, where he was killed by Gulzow, all this in the alley now behind Torchy's restaurant.

Confusing. Why would one argue with a man wearing gloves with fixed claw fingertip knives and his face painted white with black streaks?

Several intense warning signals ignored right there. Gulzow claims that Lucero stole his scooter and told him to get out of his alley and that Lucero might have died by falling on his studded bracelet, but none of that makes any sense.

The Drudge link goes to Denver Post. Normally I'd avoid a story like this but the Torchy's mentioned in the story is half a block from my home. Other sites have this story too and it's strange seeing my apartment building in the background of some of their photographs. This is my neighborhood and I walk these sidewalks every day. That's my alley. Another 1/2 block south and it's my back door.

I never saw any clowns around here.

Video at Denver Channel

Westword newspaper is close by too, another 1/2 bock north of the gas station so their reporters came upon the scene when they showed up for work.


Chip Ahoy said...

*high-pitched ventriloquist voice* "Now you be careful out there, Chip, when you're walking around at all hours of the night."

I AM !

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I do not want you to be a clown victim 👻🤡🙀