Wednesday, May 3, 2017

free Hatch chiles

Last year the guy at the Hatch chile tent at Santa Fe and Florida gave me these two chiles that he had on his table as decoration. Most of the chiles they roast are green and unripened so their seeds are not competed developing inside. I intended to pull out a few chiles that are beginning to turn red from the bushel before the chiles are roasted. But that wasn't necessary when the guy just handed me these two. They dried out on the counter since then.

The dried bits of chile flakes go into a spice tin.

The seeds are what I am after.

Seed. Hey, what use is a macro lens if you don't look at things closely? 

This is how many seeds were planted. The top is covered with them.

The dirt dried out overnight so I gave it a plastic lid, boom, next day, the first seeds germinated.

It's only been a few day. Five at most. 

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