Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What do you think of Dave Chappelle's analogy?


ndspinelli said...

Odd analogy. I like the guy I don't like all his material, but he is honest and deplores PC.

Rabel said...

I found it hard to get past the newsreaders statement "What the Hell was he thinking?"

This is morning broadcast TV. Why coarsen the presentation with the mild but needless profanity? "What the heck was he thinking?" would have conveyed the same thought without the vulgarity.

What the fucking hell is wrong with these people?

Rabel said...

Ever since watching "Sands of the Kalahari" in the sixties I've been scared shitless of baboons.

Methadras said...

I love Chappelle. Just a really smart and talented guy. When he walked away, he did because he was being pushed in directions he didn't want to go by people all around him and he said fuck it, I'm gone and that's exactly what he did. Now he's way more focused with a lot less bullshit and he's back on the comedy circuit and has gotten a lot better.

Chip Ahoy said...

Then someone said that film clip of the baboon doing that and the hunter doing that to the baboon came from "The Gods Must be Crazy" and I saw that film but did not recall that particular sequence. Then another commenter said, "No, from a different movie by the same director, named, "Amazing Animals" or something like that, and the film sequence takes up like 1/4 the end of the film.

The sequence begins with a challengeable premise: "The baboons always have a secret supply of water. And they're not going to tell anybody where itiz."

↑ Precise transcription.

Oh, they do, do they? And, oh, they don't, don't they?

How does this mythology differ from the Indian myth about the monkey and gourd?

Because they sound a lot alike. Same deal except captured monkey and no water.

And is salt really so cheap to Africans they can toss chunks of it around to monkeys, and water so scarce and rare and hidden that it takes baboons to find it?

When Is the spaghetti harvest again? Sure don't want to miss that.

This clip. ← Conscientiously coded link to YouTube of this ridiculous shenanigan. Did you see the guy chase the baboon all over the place? At any point the baboon could have lost the guy with ease. Just outpace him. Out-scramble him on the rocks. It's a very time-consuming stupid and dangerous way to find water.

So, no, I do not like his analogy, and yeah, it was great. Somehow it helped the newsreaders comprehend Chappell a little bit better. They arrived at some kind of insight that the rest of us had without it. Apparently.

ricpic said...

Really, Chapelle? Bushmen are capable of a three step procedure - including the capture and release of a parched swollen handed baboon, which they then track successfully - for finding water? Fairy tales can come true...................

Trooper York said...

I think he is way overrated.

There are a lot funnier guys out there today. Dan Soder. Luis J Gomez. Dave Smith. Mark Normand. Big Jay.

And the old reliables. Nick DePalo. Anthony Cumia. Gilbert. Artie. Rogan. Jan Mohr. Bobby Kelly. Colin.

Amartel said...

I like the guy. He's pretty fearless, for a celebrity, and his comedy was funny and original.

bagoh20 said...

Sounds like the bushmen need to get a damned job and stop asking baboons where the water is in their own backyard. And put some fucking clothes on. That is not a sexy look Magic Mike of the Kalahari.