Sunday, May 14, 2017

dirt bikes

I chanced upon an interesting site. How I landed on the dirt biking site is ridiculous. I was looking for instances where "lollygagging" and "pussyfooting" appear in the same place, and this dirt biking site has this in their first paragraph. After that follows a long portfolio about dirt bike event in Toronto. The photos show what a young man involved in all that finds interesting. And I think that is interesting.

Dirt and bikes and all their encompassing mechanics and brutalist architecture are glamorized with bold slathering of garish bright colors and corporation logo graffiti. There is movement, competition, tons and tons of mechanics, guys doing things interesting to them but no women. No girls.


Come on, you guys cannot all be gay.

This is very strange. A lot of photographs of guys traveling to Toronto all having a great time and no girls. As if they all had self segregated. As if the guys are off doing their own thing. And seeing how much mechanics goes behind each bike displayed then this segregated activity is greater than it appears from watching videos of races and performances. And that tells me that all the stuff I read online about feminist activities on colleges and their books and interviews, all the nonsense brought to our attention does not amount to a hill of beans to people out there who self segregate by sex for pursuit of their own activities.

I saw a girl!

Another uploader to the linked page that follows the first did manage to aim his camera at women. Most were paid to be there. Look a woman!  *click* A few are girlfriends enjoying a trip to Toronto. And one is an actual biker. So there are female bikers. Don't you love how there's always examples to blow your theory?

I think you'll enjoy viewing these photosets. Those Disturbed, Troubling, Banned Images From Toronto, You Desire! VITAL MX. There are a lot of pictures like this one uploaded by member Rupert X.

By the time I was done viewing the photographs I was liberated with the idea that most of all that I read by worthy professors and engaging enlightened intellectuals is entirely irrelevant to the much greater swaths of American in pursuit of interests that ignore them and segregate naturally.

How would a woman view all this anyway? As a colossal waste of time, I imagine. A waste that takes attention from them because clearly it does. 

The dude's mechanical skills are honed nicely. Through imaginary female eyes, that's the single advantage for them I see from this whole activity. So if their car gets broken down their guy can more efficiently fix it. But that's all. And that's hardly worth all the attention given to dirt biking that's not given to her. What we see here is self segregation by sex. Presumably the women are off doing their own things.

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