Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What was acceptable 5 years ago that's no longer acceptable today?

Reddit top voted comments....

Naming your kid Isis.

Getting a photo taken with Jared from Subway.

Just about all of the coupons I have piled up in my kitchen drawer.

Thinking of memes as something only younger people know about. I still find it strange when my dad references "this meme I saw on Facebook"

The belief of the 2012 apocalypse happening

Dancing to Gangnam Style

Calling Bill Cosby one of your personal heroes

Making fun of Erdogan in Turkey


ndspinelli said...

Scratching my nuts in public. Wait..that was never acceptable.

ricpic said...

The older you get a lot of things you once thought were unacceptable are now just fine. Including scratching what itches in public. Most of all it becomes acceptable NOT to try to improve yourself. I'm sure others will disagree. That too is just fine. The only thing I find unacceptable is an SOB tailgating me at 70 MPH! I'm perfectly fine with the SOB killing himself but I don't want him taking me with him.

edutcher said...

Allowing somebody with a different political stance the chance to be heard.

And I still say Cos is being framed.

ndspinelli said...

LOL! A Captain Queeg/Cliff Claven classic comment. I'm into alliteration this morning.

Leland said...

Being SecState and having a private email server for Federal business and classified data.

edutcher said...

The druggie is is acting like the 2 year old who laughs for its own sake.


Rabel said...

Building a nuclear weapon and a means to deliver it to the USA if you're a fat little North Korean nutjob.

bagoh20 said...

Wait! You telling me the 2012 apocalypse never happened? Now what am I supposed to do with that pile of decapitated zombie neighbors in my back yard. They turned, and I did what I had to do. It did really improved the neighborhood.